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Health and Diet

New column is here! Health and diet tips, articles on how to stay healthy, recipes and anything to do with wellness.

Exercise Videos

Exercise Videos

Most workouts out there teach you how to exercise to lose weight, build muscle, tone up or develop a strong core. All these things are pointless if you are not happy, and happiness starts with a healthy love life. Exercise for healthy sex life and lose weight as a bonus!

Thoughts and Happenings


Thoughts, news, polls, daily life, events and vents – its all here..  

Keeping It Hot

Keeping It Hot

Learn secrets and tricks on how to keep it hot in the bedroom and make the most of your love life . Whatever your age, size or status being hot isn’t just looks – it’s your AURA – appearance, attitude and actions.  


Finding Balance

Finding balance in life is something we all crave, yet it is often difficult to find peace in our overly stimulating, split focus world. Learn how to meditate to relax, to get empowered or to get into the mood…

Recent Articles

A Mother’s Day Note..

Two years ago on this day I wanted more than anything in the world to get pregnant and become a mother. One year ago I just couldn’t wait for my baby bump to grow so I could finally become a mother. Today I can proudly say that yes, I am a mother. Mother – this [...]

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Things To Do Before Having Babies

Based on my personal experience, here is a list of things that I came up with that you should do before you start having babies. If you are thinking about getting knocked up and starting a family but are still childless this second, perhaps its a good idea to get these things over and done [...]

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Taking Care of The Body and Da Boobies

When you are young and childless you likely don’t need to spend much time or money on your appearance. Although many still do, its usually not a necessity, but more of an indulgence, because you look good anyway. And part of the reason why you look good is because you are ..well young and childless. [...]

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Living La Vida Lazy.. or How Not to Gain Weight on Vacation

Its so easy to get off track when it comes to your diet and fitness when you’re on vacation or travelling. At the moment, I am spending three weeks in Costa Rica and have to confess, at one point I was getting fat! And its all due to having a few too many late night [...]

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New Fitness App – Go Flaunt It!

It seems these days there is an app for everything, including fitness.  I have just recently got a smartphone myself, yup, I am probably one of the last people on earth to trade in my old school blackberry for a smartphone, and slowly getting up to date with times. My new favorite apps of the [...]

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A Few Words on Giving Birth…

Six months ago on this day I gave birth to my daughter. It has been six months since I stopped being my own most important person. It has been six months since I learned what is true love. But that day six months ago when Amelia was born I was going through a process that [...]

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My Postpartum Back to Self Routine

I’ve been meaning to do a post about this and finally here i am. So many people say and think that once you’ve had a kid or two your life just isn’t going to be the same ever again. Neither is your body. I have to agree with the first saying, because my life has [...]

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Before I Became a Mom

Before I became a mom I: -Slept as long as I wanted and never worried that I am staying up too late. There is always a chance that i may be awakened every hour and be a zombie the next day – Never tripped on toys and never had my house look more colorful and [...]

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Back to Blogging and Kama!

For a while my blog, my Kama classes and training clients have been put on pause. The reason being was my pregnancy, where everything to do with fitness had to stop to avoid any risks. Plus I was sick, nauseous, tired, pre-occupied with buying a house, then decorating it, preparing for the baby etc. etc. [...]

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Beautify Your Back and Posture!

The other week I was at a number of Fashion Week events around the city and couldn’t help but notice many beautiful and stylish women that had an incorrect posture, a slouched back and bent knees while walking in heels. Let’s face it, it is hardly an impressive picture when an otherwise perfect appearance gets [...]

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