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Category: "Balance"

My Mind-Body Detox Recipe

Something like five years ago I remember myself stuck in a never-ending cycle of going out til late, socializing too much, carelessly having one too many cocktails more often than necessary at parties and drifting through life fully living in the moment. While this life philosophy may be fun for a short period of time, [...]

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Finding Your Creative Distraction

Stress, fast pace of life and working to pay the bills vs to feed the soul is a common thing for many. Recent research shows that vast swathes of population do nothing at work. They are bored, unfulfilled, unchallenged and stuck. This is soul destroying existence and once you are firmly stuck, it is hard [...]

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Tips For Living a Happy Healthy Life

For women in 2013, things are completely different than the way they were 20, 30, 40 or 50 years ago. Today’s women don’t devote their life to their husbands and wait for them to tell them when to cook for dinner or when to clean to the house. Today’s women aren’t all stay at home [...]

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5 Most Common Fears of Women

Men were created as strong, fearless and confident beings, while women were made beautiful, patient, wise and … fearful creatures. Yes you can agree that women get anxious and worry about a hundred times more than men do. So what exactly are we afraid of the most? According to Voltaire “women are afraid of demons, [...]

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Finding Love and Harmony

The fact of life is that it is easier to keep yourself in a dark bubble of self pity, diets, anger and guilt than to accept and love yourself, the world and the people around you. It doesn’t take much effort to walk around and complain, find things to be mad about, talk about it [...]

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Healthy Body – Peaceful Mind

As a busy woman it is very easy to put your physical well-being down on the priority list. Indeed, very often we get caught up in the whirlwind of things to do, and things to do can be never ending.  However, having a balanced lifestyle where your health and wellness come first can enrich your [...]

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Finding Yourself

It is important to know your true inner self if you want to live in accordance with yourself and be happy. There is a difference between labeling yourself based on how you have been conditioned by society, parents, friends, job and understanding who you truly are inside. Have you ever felt confused that perhaps what [...]

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Tuning Your Sexual Chakra

Tuning your Sexual Chakra In case you haven’t heard the word chakra, you probably are living in the middle ages. It seems the trend of new age learning, self exploration and self “bettering” so to speak, has everyone using words like “zen”, “positive thinking”, “believe and receive”, “energy”, “chakra” and so on.. Ok, maybe we [...]

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Erotic Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years to find the ever so elusive inner peace as well as reduce stress and sometimes even to help make decisions. It puts you into a focused phase of self awareness and establishes a deeper bond with your emotions, thoughts, feelings and the subconscious. The process of meditation [...]

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