Unlock your Hips for Bedroom Bliss

These flexibility exercises in particular help to unlock the  hips and release the tension.  These exercises are completely natural and will do your body lots of good, specifically in the bedroom. After all our hips are meant to be open, since making love and giving birth are our MOST vital functions of all. Yet, due to our modern day sedentary lifestyle most hips are tight and locked, unless you dance salsa all the time or do LOT’S of yoga.

We don’t utilize them nearly not as much as we should. By nature we are meant to move our hips as we walk, shake them, dance, run, and simply not sit as much as we do today, ever since the computers have been invented we sit WAY too much. And when we sit too much these vital hip functions are not utilized enough and the hips become locked, the energy channel becomes blocked and we don’t maximize our sexual potential. Try doing these exercises from KAMA workout a few times a week and you will notice a difference in how your hips feel. You will also become a lot more flexible, which could make the bedroom games that much more fun!


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