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5 Most Common Fears of Women | KamalifeTV

5 Most Common Fears of Women

Men were created as strong, fearless and confident beings, while women were made beautiful, patient, wise and … fearful creatures. Yes you can agree that women get anxious and worry about a hundred times more than men do. So what exactly are we afraid of the most?

According to Voltaire “women are afraid of demons, pregnancy and ruined reputation”.  But only the fear of pregnancy is the one fear that modern day women have in common with the women of the 17th century.

Fear of unplanned pregnancy. British scientists have discovered that number one fear of today’s woman is fear of unplanned pregnancy.  It is surprising because there are so many different methods of contraception out there.

To get rid of this fear you should always openly discuss this topic with your partner and talk about the “what if scenario”. If he avoids this conversation in any way he can, you probably shouldn’t go to bed with him in the first place. Open communication is always key!

Fear of getting fat. Now that’s a phobia many can understand! Interesting enough, this fear is often more present among women who don’t have any extra pounds and have nothing to worry about. The root of this fear goes back to the myth that our success with men depends on our looks. However any psychologist will tell you that the reason we can’t keep a relationship is a result of poor communication skills.

Of course this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to just eat whatever and turn into a whale. However if you feel really comfortable with your curves then who cares about what the scales say? There are many charming and sexy plus size women who have men lining up at their door, same as there are tones of skinny models who are lonely and unhappy.

Love your body, lead a healthy lifestyle, be confident – and a few extra pounds will not get in the way of being a happy gal!

Fear of aging. Yes, unfortunately we can’t stay forever young and beautiful, but it isn’t a reason enough to worry about what will happen in ten, twenty or thirty years.

How to get over this fear? You can get plastic surgery, fill your face with botox and buy all the most expensive anti aging creams. Well that’s one thing you can do, probably not the best idea though, because no matter what you do eventually your age will catch up with you.

Just think about how everything in this life is relative and nothing is absolute. When you were 16 you thought that 30 is “soooo ooooold” and when you are 80 you think that 50 is a youngster!

Don’t think about the numbers. Think about those wonderful old ladies that are full of energy, happy, loved and have ten smiling grandchildren. Stay active and think positive! Optimists always look younger and are overall happier and more attractive.

Fear of never getting married. From back in the day a myth that a woman is only truly happy if she is married keeps on living in our subconscious. The more you are afraid of loneliness the more you act out of desperation and not out of your true desires. You start to forget your true self, allow others to put doubts in your mind and end up doing things for the wrong reasons.

Ladies, if you’re single and genuinely happy to be so, more power to you! There’s absolutely no reason why you need to make a list or explain to anyone why you’re not in a relationship. But if you’re a woman who isn’t enjoying the single life and dreams of finding someone to share your life with, it’s time to get out there, and meet people. There’s nothing wrong in focused dating with a goal in mind.  Make some room for that special someone in your life, free some time for dating, be open minded and learn to compromise and he will come your way!

Fear of being dumped. Again this is a fear that has its roots in the old times. There were the days when a woman couldn’t survive without a man. Times have changed, but we continue to obsess first thinking that we will never meet the one and then that he will leave us. If you are always worrying about such things it must be a nightmare of a life!

Don’t forget that thoughts materialize. If you think about something often it tends to come true. If you constantly think that he will leave you, you are sending him a signal that you aren’t good enough, that you aren’t worthy of him. You are asking for a sad ending!

Believing that you are not worthy of someone can be dangerous. Don’t treat him like he is the center of the universe. Love him, respect him and appreciate him but only if he deserves it. If not, don’t hold on to him like he is the last man on earth.

Love yourself, love life, love people and love will conquer all!



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