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Erotic Meditation | KamalifeTV

Erotic Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years to find the ever so elusive inner peace as well as reduce stress and sometimes even to help make decisions. It puts you into a focused phase of self awareness and establishes a deeper bond with your emotions, thoughts, feelings and the subconscious. The process of meditation physically is known to slow down the heart rate, reduce blood pressure, skin temperature and stress hormone levels and well as increase feel good hormones.

But in case with Erotic Meditation the goal is not to enter the state of being barely conscious or become lost somewhere in the zen, but instead become overly aware of your senses and later on make the most of your sexual encounter. Another goal of erotic meditation is to release shame and embrace your beauty and open up to receiving love. Learning to be fully aware of your senses when you are not having sex will in turn help you be fully aware of your pleasure when you are making love later on. In other words learning to become aware “of the moment” is the goal.

erotic meditation

How do you get started?

Set a time each day when you can comfortably be alone for as long as 10-20 minutes, that is all you need. Put it into your blackberry if you must and call this “me time” – time when you listen to yourself, connect with yourself and reflect. Start with finding a comfortable place, lie down on your bed or on a yoga mat, or even a rug that feels good against the skin. Better yet go outside and lie down on the grass or near a water, on the sand and listen to the nature sounds. Make sure you are warm and nothing is causing you tension. Most definitely turn off your phone. Begin with taking long deep breaths and focusing on the breathing patterns. Breathe slowly and don’t rush, develop a rhythm. Play sensual relaxing music on the background, listen to the sound and the beat. And try to stop thinking. This doesn’t happen easily and often you will need to practice a bunch of times before you can stop the always thinking brain. The best way to learn to stop thinking and analyzing and planning – or simple shutting off the voice in your head – is by practicing guided meditation.

Once you’ve relaxed completely, proceed to further becoming aware of how the touch feels on your skin, on your breasts, on your nipples, circular motions, gentle rubbing, pulling – try different things and focus on how it makes you feel.  Caress your stomach and your buttocks, focus on how the skin feels when you squeeze them gently. Don’t be ashamed if it makes you feel aroused, recognize this feeling and the beauty of it. Embrace your femininity and your sexuality.  It will make you feel especially hot if you do this ritual during the day at work, assuming you of course have a place where you can be in comfortable solitude. Perhaps during your lunch break at a tanning salon? What else are you gonna do when you are lying there naked?

The best way to make the most of this meditation is to do it in the nude, perhaps doing that in a public park on the grass is not the best idea. A bedroom or living room will serve this purpose just right. We don’t spend a lot of time being naked, let’s face it, yet that was how God made us. As soon as we wake up we put on clothes and as soon as we finish having sex we either sleep or put on clothes again. Being nude for prolonged time is magical and can be extremely powerful feeling. Try incorporating it into you meditation and you will be guaranteed to develop a new sense of self acceptance, self love and deep connection with your sexuality.

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