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Finding Love and Harmony | KamalifeTV

Finding Love and Harmony

The fact of life is that it is easier to keep yourself in a dark bubble of self pity, diets, anger and guilt than to accept and love yourself, the world and the people around you. It doesn’t take much effort to walk around and complain, find things to be mad about, talk about it for hours, hold grudges or pretend that you are strong and don’t care. Instead try and follow these simple rules and you will get one step closer to finding balance, love and harmony:

Love yourself, your surroundings and find happiness in little things!

If you stop and look around you can find beauty and magic everywhere. If nothing extraordinary is happening in your life than be happy for somebody else. Somebody you know just gave birth, be happy for them. Somebody has met the love of their life, share their joy. Notice little things that put a smile on your face in your life and your heart’s capacity for love will grow!

Keep a healthy relationship with food!

When you are filled with insecurities, because maybe somebody once has hurt you or you constantly compare yourself to others, you have an unhealthy relationship with your body and with yourself. Instead of being angry with your body when you have again eaten too much, try and enjoy the sensations you experienced.  Say to yourself “Good for me, that means my body really needed it”. When mind isn’t angry at the body, there is no guilt and they speak the same language. They are in harmony with each other. Next time you will not want the amount of calories and it will happen without you even knowing.

Believe in love and it will find you!

Don’t give up on love because you have been hurt. It is a much easier road to let the bad experiences harm you and shrink your heart than to let go. Don’t let your heart get small, when it is small it cannot love the same way! Keep telling yourself that your happiness will find you and your one and only is around the corner. And he will! Family is the one thing that is more important than friends, money and career, because only with them you can be the real vulnerable you. “Family is like a missing piece of a puzzle, once you found it the picture is perfect.” Family is a good goal to have and to reach it you must really believe in love!

Don’t be quick to throw away friendships!

Don’t let one wrong move ruin a friendship that has lasted a long time.  Don’t dwell, don’t stay mad, forgive and forget. Times change and people change. Those who surround us also change. The only wise decision is to be thankful to friends for who they once have been for you, then to hate them and be mad for who they’ve become. And if they don’t act like a friend anymore, perhaps some unfortunate events have made them this way. “If a loyal horse has hurt his foot and tripped, don’t blame the horse, blame the road”. Forgive them and give them another chance!

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