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Finding Your Creative Distraction | KamalifeTV

Finding Your Creative Distraction

Stress, fast pace of life and working to pay the bills vs to feed the soul is a common thing for many. Recent research shows that vast swathes of population do nothing at work. They are bored, unfulfilled, unchallenged and stuck. This is soul destroying existence and once you are firmly stuck, it is hard to escape. Being in this unfulfilled state comes with feelings of negativity, impatience and overall tension that we carry with us no matter where we go.  Moreover, being unfulfilled has an impact on your whole psyche and health and leads in one direction: stagnation. While it may not be easily doable to completely turn your life around the solution does exist.

Going to travel. Nothing breaks the vicious cycle like getting on a plane and leaving everything behind. Travelling expands your horizons, opens your eyes wider, allows you to see how others live and gives your mind much needed stimulation. The most useful kind of travelling, and by useful we mean the kind of travelling that inspires you and fills you with ideas and appreciation, is travelling to a new destination where you haven’t been  before, somewhere far and exotic, involving elements of adventure or new interactions, either one will do. All inclusive resort where all you do is eat, drink and sleep definitely doesn’t cut it.  Get out of your comfort zone and go explore!

Trying new workouts. You may have your workout routine that you follow religiously every day and its great. You are helping your health, your body, your mind and you know it! But doing the same treadmill routine after work or the same class that you love may actually be helping your stagnation, only because it is nothing new. You need novelty to be excited. So go ahead and try taking a new class every week, try rock climbing, go mountain biking, play sports and explore your active self!

Finding your creative distraction. Last but not least is finding that something that you may do for hours at a time without noticing what time is it is truly a blessing and should be a goal for everyone. This is something that you do not for results but for pure indulgence of it. Not many of us are lucky enough to find an all consuming, pleasantly distracting hobby. The reason for that is that early in life we’ve ignored the urges to do that something that excited us and listened to the voice of reason or our parents and decided that it was a waste of time. It is important to realize that it is NOT a waste of time if you were able to channel your creative source. Think of it as being connected to god, universe, higher power, because god is a creator and when you create you get one step closer to the divine.  It is incredibly powerful and much needed for your wellbeing! Best examples of a creative distraction would be something along the lines of writing, painting, cooking, making jewellry, clothes, art etc.

Explore your creative side, find the time to do it and let all your to dos wait. Do it for yourself, not for somebody, not for the money and not for results and you will be much happier guaranteed!

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