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Finding Yourself | KamalifeTV

Finding Yourself

It is important to know your true inner self if you want to live in accordance with yourself and be happy. There is a difference between labeling yourself based on how you have been conditioned by society, parents, friends, job and understanding who you truly are inside. Have you ever felt confused that perhaps what you are doing isn’t really you or the circle of people that surrounds you isn’t really all that exciting and something very real and deep is missing in your life, but you just can’t seem to figure out what it is?

finding yourself

There are some basic rules that can help you get closer to discovering your true self and creating a harmonious existence. They are very simple steps that if you follow you will most definitely be able to access yourself at a deeper level and get closer to learning who you are. You may find yourself resisting to some of these suggestions because whenever there are changes in our lifestyle our basic instincts try to hold on to the comfort zone. It may be difficult to follow through with your self-discovery plan for the same reasons – we tend to get sucked into the comfort zone. But if you really want to change something in your life you have to find the will power and go for it!

I personally have followed these steps and can honestly say it made me wiser, calmer and most importantly helped me find my passion and get closer to living purposefully.

  1. Keep a journal and make an entry every day! Don’t just write about the events of the day and your experiences, write about your feelings, thoughts, worries, fears, aspirations, wishes, etc. Don’t try to sound proper or worry about grammar, just write non stop, everything that flows out, even if doesn’t make much sense, just keep on writing. This is the best kind of writing when you are trying to get to know yourself. Reading it after is also fun and sometimes you cannot even recognize yourself!
  2. Spend quality time alone! You may think “I hate being alone” or “I am already alone enough time since I live alone”, but quality time alone is different from just being by yourself. Take a walk, focus on the thoughts that enter your mind, look around and pay attention to the signs the universe is sending you. Everything you see, think about and pay attention to will give you answers about who you are. You just have to really tune in to yourself and make this ritual a daily thing. Keep in mind, when you are with other people you are usually talking, and when you talk, you don’t think. You only really think when you are alone.
  3.  Read books that inspire thinking! There are countless self help books out there and trying to find that perfect book that is going to make sense of your life and guide you on the right path may seem like an impossible task. It is true, there isn’t just one magical book like that, but there are many great ones. So just getting into a habit of reading these types of books and taking notes will help you figure out yourself.  Keep in mind, without taking notes and processing them these types of books are most often forgotten and leave no prints. My latest inspiring read was “The Book of Secrets” by Deepak Chopra – a truly great read!
  4. Write down daily inspirations! There are different ways of going about this rule. One way is saving photos, quotes or random thoughts into a folder on your computer. Another way is to write down each random thought that inspires you on your blackberry/phone or into a notebook and get into a habit of doing this all the time and then rereading these lists and acting systematically upon these urges. I believe these seemingly random thoughts are signs from the universe which when paid attention to help you find your path. It is like connecting the dots, only after you’ve been doing it for a while can you actually see what is on the picture.
  5. Practice and take risks! You know those people that keep on studying their whole life or are reading way too many inspirational books, and yet they seem to be stuck in the process of learning vs moving on to the step two– the practical component? You have to not be afraid to leave your comfort zone. It is scary to leave the bubble of familiarity, but nothing helps you better learn who you are then exploring the new grounds. Put the lessons you’ve learned into practice, travel to an unfamiliar place, meet strangers, do things you have never done before, go to places that you normally wouldn’t go to. Take risks and explore and you are guaranteed to discover new dimensions within yourself.

Remember, appetite comes with eating! Skeptics may be reluctant to believe that following these rules will actually work, but once you actually try and do these things daily, after some time you will be overwhelmed with how much more aware of your consciousness and the world around you will you become. It really is powerful and it works!



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