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Tuning Your Sexual Chakra | KamalifeTV

Tuning Your Sexual Chakra

Tuning your Sexual Chakra

In case you haven’t heard the word chakra, you probably are living in the middle ages. It seems the trend of new age learning, self exploration and self “bettering” so to speak, has everyone using words like “zen”, “positive thinking”, “believe and receive”, “energy”, “chakra” and so on.. Ok, maybe we are all on to something here, and perhaps this collective consciousness and focused positivity can prevent the end of the world in December 2012. Most likely though end of the world is nowhere near close, so hopefully this will lead to some universal change for the better or at least help us deal with our own demons and imperfections – maybe not the most ambitious and selfless aspiration, but more realistic one.


So what exactly is “chakra” and what does it have to do with anything?

According to Tantric tradition, an ancient spiritual movement in India, everyone has seven energy centers that serve as connection points between the body and mind, or consciousness. These fluid dynamic forces called chakras in Sanskrit receive, absorb and express our vital life energy. When the flow of energy in one or more of the chakras becomes blocked or congested, we may develop physical and mental illness and imperfections. So very often the key to your problems may lie in restoring this energy flow and balancing your chakras. This can be done in a variety of ways such as through


-          Accupuncture

-          Exercising and Yoga

-          Reiki Healing

-          Reflexology

-          Meditation

Chakras, health and happiness

The chakra system consists of energy centers that extend from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The location of each chakra correlates with an area of the body’s anatomy and when imbalanced the organs and their functions suffer. Sometimes the malfunction can be not physical, but mental. This means that: for example if our First Chakra (located at the base of the spine and referred to as “the root chakra,”) that relates to our most basic survival needs and sense of belonging is blocked, we may suffer from feeling insecure in relationships, worry too much about the family’s wellbeing and lack confidence in our ability to survive and adapt.

If you want to further learn about Chakras and how they affect your life, you can find lots of information online. However, in relevance to this website’s overall theme, let’s discuss the Sexual Chakra and how we can unblock it or stimulate a better energy flow for better sexual life, fertility and creativity.

 The “Sexual” Chakra

The “sexual” chakra or second chakra in proper terms, is associated with creativity and birth – both to a new baby and to ideas and projects. It is located in the reproductive region of the body, around the bottom of the spine and pelvis. When this chakra is healthy and balanced we constantly “give birth” metaphorically speaking and feel inspired with a flow of ideas, we paint, we write, create music, develop new business. We also enjoy sexually fulfilling lives and the reproductive system functions well altogether.

When this chakra is blocked or congested we may feel bored, uninspired and empty. Sexually, you may experience lack of drive and enjoyment as well as have health issues with the reproductive organs. This chakra is very often blocked in majority of the people. This is largely due to sedentary lifestyle that comes with office jobs, too much sitting and not enough exercising and stimulation.

 How to tune the Second Chakra?

There is a few ways you can do this: as mentioned above there is practices such as acupuncture, reflexology and reiki that can be very helpful. However you can also do this at home through meditation and exercises. The meditative practice in this case is very simple and requires a repetition of a primitive sound and the sound vibration will help to release congested energy. This is also called sound healing. Calm your mind, relax and repeat the sound VAM slowly for a couple of minutes.

Another way is though exercising. Some variations of the Yoga practice, specifically Kundalini yoga centers around the second chakra tuning and can be very beneficial when practiced regularly. Another way to restore the balance in this region is by practicing exercises that stimulate the blood flow in the pelvic region, such as Kama practice. Not only does it tone and tighten the center of the female body, such as buttocks, thighs and abdominals, it helps to connect with the region mentally and restore its proper functions – both reproductive and sexual.

You can start practicing a few minutes per day with this basic exercise from Kama Workout  called The Serpent. It requires making pelvic and hip circles in both directions by contracting the glutes and lower abs, while isolating the hips from the rest of the body. Inhale through the nose and exhale violently through the mouth on the effort. Develop the rhythm and focus on the sensation.

You can learn more about this workout practice on www.kamamovement.com


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