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How To Reduce Stress | Best Ways To Reduce Stress | KamalifeTV

How To Reduce Stress

So let’s learn a few basic ways how to reduce stress!

It is believed that stress is the number one cause of all health disorders and without a doubt is a destructive force that needs to be battled with. How to reduce stress is certainly a great question to ask and the earlier you start taking measures the better life quality you will have.

Do you ever feel like you are constantly being torn to pieces trying to accomplish a thousand tasks at the same time? Do you feel as if you are continuously running a marathon and always planning, analysing, thinking and worrying? Do you frequently find yourself in a multitasking situation of this kind: while trying to finish that email you are eating a sandwich, your blackberry is beeping with three new texts, while at the same time you are on hold with the bank, all the while thinking about a debate you had with your boss earlier in the morning? In the end you end of it all you end up feeling stressed, frustrated and completely depleted. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you most likely are dealing with an unhealthy amount of stress every day and need to take action!

how to reduce stress

Time with yourself in peace

Can you remember the last time you could peacefully spend time alone with yourself? This is the first step in learning how to reduce stress! This precious time is really most important because only when the lights go out and the noise from the outside world disappears you can really reflect and concentrate, which in turn enables you to make better decisions, think creatively and reach a peaceful state of clarity. We can’t forget the power of deep focus. It is unfortunate that in our society inability to focus is as common as allergies. But it doesn’t mean that you have to accept this hectic state of being. You are entitled to ME time, the time when you click pause, stop thinking about yesterday and planning for tomorrow and instead focus on the now. The sooner you understand this and make it a priority the better!

Exercising is Healing

Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being, which puts more zest in your day to day things. It pumps your endorphins -  “the feel good hormones”; it is a meditation in motion since you focus on body movements only and it enhances your mood, confidence and can lower the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The secret is however sticking to it, not just starting and quitting. At first it may seem impossible, but as with everything in life practice and persistence goes a long way. Start with choosing a workout that you absolutely love, and make it a sacred rule to stick to it. This is your second step in learning how to reduce stress! The best kind of workout for reducing stress is the Mind and Body kind such as Yoga or KAMA. These types of workouts help to tune the mind into a present moment, relax you through various breathing techniques and get you in shape.

Mind and Body Workouts

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps to find the union between the body and mind. It tones the body greatly if practiced regularly and helps with posture, flexibility and muscle tone. Most beneficial aspect of yoga is that it is known to reduce stress and helps to learn a better sense of focus. However, if you are looking to lose weight, yoga will unlikely help you since it is a very slow paced workout.

KAMA or Kama Movement practice which is a sensual take on Yoga with elements of dance and Pilates, will help you get the same benefits as yoga – it will restore the mind and body balance, tone muscles and improve posture and flexibility. In addition, however it will get your blood pumping, teach you some sensual moves, help you to lose weight in the problem areas and not only will it reduce stress it may even arouse you and increase your orgasmic potential! This magical workout is a must for every woman who wants to be in a better physical and mental shape. Click here to learn more about the workout that is the best remedy for stress release!

Meditation is Healing

how to reduce stress kama

It is ideal if you are able to incorporate a meditation session after your workout, since it is calming and is a great strategy in learning to focus. This is the third step in learning how to reduce stress! Meditation alters the brain in many positive ways. We sit quietly and focus our attention inwards for a change, it is our time when we finally focus NOT on the world around ME, but the actual ME. The process of meditation activates the prefrontal cortex – the seat of higher thinking – and stimulates the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and brain opiates – each linked to different aspects of happiness. This in turn calms the mind and  the nerves, which in turn helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

If you get into the habit of practising meditation every day, for as long as five minutes a day, you will become a more relaxed version of you as well, and relaxed means healthy, because relaxation is healing, and built up stress only leads to health problems. Keep in mind that an image of a relaxed woman is way more appealing to men than of the one who is constantly on edge. It is up to us to take the time to relax and make ME time a priority.

Embrace the NOW

Embrace the present moment and get into a habit of just for a few minutes each day to focus on your surroundings and not think. Every now and then turn off your phone, don’t interact with anyone, take a long bath, listen to your favourite music, dream, imagine, and just be. When you walk down the street don’t text or talk on the phone, instead look around and notice how beautiful is the world around you. Notice the trees, the colours, the smells, go out into the park and pay attention to the thing you see. Make a habit when you are in the company of someone dear to you to focus your full attention on them. At first it may be hard to stick to these new habits, but practice and try again and again. Don’t take life for granted, don’t take the present moment for granted! After all life is what happens when we are too busy making other plans and it is up to us to learn to take advantage of the moment. Embrace the NOW – this is your fourth step in learning how to reduce stress!

So lets sum up!

Start with these four simple new habits and you will see a difference in your well being guaranteed:

1. Dedicate a few hours a week of ME time. This time is sacred! Nothing or nobody can disturb you during these times. Work, kids, friends, chores – everything can wait!

2. Choose a Mind Body workout you love and stick to it. Get addicted to it and practice it a few times a week!

3. Learn to meditate and spend 5-10 minutes a day in a meditative state.

4. Embrace the NOW and constantly make an effort to focus on the present moment and appreciate what it has brought.


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