Welcome to KamaLifeTV!

KamaLifeTV came about as a way to stay connected to the followers of KAMA Movement Workout. Here you`ll find my collection of articles, thoughts, favourite exercises, weight loss tips and everything to do with enhancing your sexual AURA – confidence, appearance, sexuality and mind state.

KamaLifeTV blog is  about all things sensual, all things healthy and all things fun: love, sex, balance, health and exercising!

KAMA Translates from Sanskrit to mean “sexual” or “sensual” , so take your time, read, watch, browse and make your life as sensual, as sexual and as fun as it can be!


Whether you are a stay at home mother of four, career driven urban fashionista, or wife mother and breadwinner all in one – you will find something for the mind, body and soul. Find articles on things like how to add spice to your love life, how to tone your legs buns and thighs, how to achieve mind blowing orgasms, how to recover post childbirth, how to release your reproductive second chakra energy through exercises and many more.

Here I share with you my unique life philosophy, my inspirations and wisdom that has been refined through constant research, unordinary life adventures, trips to exotic destinations, performing and presenting to exquisite audiences and incredible mentors that have come my way. And you, feel free to share right back!  Don`t be shy, explore, and embrace what you may find!



If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer/blogger for the site email me at halyna@kamamovement.com ! I will be happy to hear from you!