How To Spice Up Your Sex Life for Dummies

Here is a sure recipe to get in the mood and spice up your day! You probably already do this or have done this before but why not try this before your boyfriend or husband gets home? You may surprise yourself just how much a little confidence boost can go a long way and we all know that facebook is the best tool for that. So here is your step by step guide!

  1. Invest in a camera, webcam or a phone that has a camera on it.
  2. Learn how to use it.
  3. Wait until boyfriend/husband leaves the house for at least one hour – this can’t be rushed!
  4. Take a nude pornstar colored  lip pencil and draw around the outer edge of your lips, make sure to go outside of the lip line to make your lips appear extra big and puckered up. Fill with a matching lipstick and the lip gloss that makes your lips bigger and extra juicy. (Red also works)
  5. Pluck eyebrows and draw over them for a perfect shape. You can raise them a bit for that surprised look!
  6. Let hair fall loose, and ruffle it up making it look like you just woke up.
  7. Lie down on the bed or on the floor in a dim lit room and get comfortable.
  8. Hold camera at full arms length and pout, pout, pout! Squint your eyes for extra bombshell effects.
  9. Take 50 shots from different angles.
  10. Sit up and check out all 50 shots.  Then select the best one.
  11. Play with the photo on Instagram or another photo editing software, airbrush all the imperfections and add a romantic blur.
  12. Upload on Facebook and await comments and likes.
  13. Read all comments for a massive confidence boost which will remind you that you are indeed HOT STUFF.
  14. With new-found sexiness your libido should be at its peak so jump on your boyfriend/husband when he walks into the door. Have fun! ;)
P.S. Here is my version of this!



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