Enhancing Your Libido with Diet

Feeling tired, bloated and not in the mood? Try enhancing your libido with diet!

enhance libido - bored coupleIt’s no secret that what you put into your body directly correlates to how you feel afterwards. Proper nutrition helps us to stay fit and maintain a healthy life. It has an effect on all the functions of the body, which includes maintaining a healthy sexual life and libido! Some foods make you tired and sleepy – such as carbs, others can energize you and make you bounce off the walls with energy – such as ginseng or caffeine, and some can actually make you a hungry for love beast.

Have you ever noticed, sometimes after a heavy meal, such as big plate of pasta with some garlic bread for dinner, you feel fat, bloated and not in the mood for anything. All you want to do is pop a movie in and go to sleep half way through it – hardly the most romantic end to the night. Then on other occasions, you order muscles or oysters with wine and keep it light and by the end of the dinner you are up for anything.

Obviously overeating doesn’t make you feel or look sexy!

But your desire to keep the night fun after a light meal of muscles or oysters is because these foods are known to have aphrodisiac properties. Aphrodisiacs are foods that boost your libido. Back in the day, aphrodisiacs where considered remedy’s for sexual anxieties for men and fertility boosters for women. Today  these are simply foods that contain certain elements that have an effect on our sexual drive.

If it resembles genitalia it may be an aphrodisiac!

enhance libido foodSome foods are also considered to be aphrodisiacs due to their shape, specifically the ones that resemble genitalia, for example asparagus for its phallic shape. Although its not the shape, it is the elements in the food that have effect on hormone production or increased blood flow.

In a nutshell, foods need to contain elements such as argynyne, fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants. Fatty acids produce nitric oxide, vitamin C and E and herbal extracts like ginseng, ginko and baloba are known to enhance effects of nitric oxide. Fish and shellfish are filled with Omega 3s. Omega 3s are taken for better blood flow all over your body, as blood flow in your pelvic region is largely responsible for you feeling aroused.

So in the end, it’s the elements in the food, not so much the looks!

So if you want to boost your libido, you can get your intake of these elements either by taking supplements or by following an aphrodisiac diet. Eat things such as anise, basil, carrots, almonds, pistachio nuts, arugula salad, turnips. Muscles, snails oysters are always good to. Don’t forget chocolate – in this diet, its a must! Try combining this diet with taking your Omega 3 or Gingseng supplements, multi vitamins, regular workouts and pelvic floor exercises, and your libido will be on fire guaranteed!


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