Beautify Your Back and Posture!

back and postureThe other week I was at a number of Fashion Week events around the city and couldn’t help but notice many beautiful and stylish women that had an incorrect posture, a slouched back and bent knees while walking in heels. Let’s face it, it is hardly an impressive picture when an otherwise perfect appearance gets ruined with a slouchy shoulders and incorrect posture. Nor is it good for your health, which is equally if not more important.

Beautiful back and correct posture is not only a sign on health, but it is also a sign of confidence and always attracts attention, regardless of how old you are, how much you weigh or what body type you are. Slouching on the other hand, easily adds a couple of years to you, makes your internal organs suffer and often results in chronic back pain and muscle imbalances.

So the solution for these problems is simple: don’t wear super high heels if you can’t walk in them properly, or just spend some time practicing in front of the mirror, because otherwise it is a sad picture, even if you are wearing Louboutins and a five thousand dollar outfit! As for the slouched back issue, it can also be easily fixed with just a few tips.

To help your back you can do the following:

  1. Sit in a correct pose and try and be aware of it at all times! For proper weight distribution, both feet need to be on the floor and hips just a tad higher than knee level. Shoulders need to be relaxed, back straight and abdominal muscles slightly pulled. Head and neck need to be in line with the spine.
  2. Create a proper working space! The computer has to be directly across from you and the screen needs to be on the eye level. If you are working with a laptop, its a good idea to place a couple of books underneath it or a special support tray. In fact, I just tried it and it makes the world of a difference!
  3. Take short breaks every half hour! Get up, walk around, stretch – this will instantly help your strained back and ligaments. Sometimes, it is enough to stand straight in front of the wall and place your feet a few centimeters apart from each other, so that shoulder blades, hips and calves are aligned and are slightly touching the wall.

In the beginning you may feel awkward keeping your back straight, because the body simply got too comfortable and the back muscles have not been stimulated properly.  But if you persist and keep trying you are guaranteed to have a beautiful back and turn heads!


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