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Couples Working out Together Stay Together! | KamalifeTV

Couples Working out Together Stay Together!

Ok, so you’ve been together long enough now to no longer need to be wined, dined and sixty nined in 10 inch heels, he accepts you for who you are, in your comfy sweat pants, you live together or you are married– and most of the time when you are home together is spent him doing his thing and you  - yours. That one hour on Mondays over watching your favourite show cuddled up on the couch is your weekly bonding time. Well of course there is a couple of vacations per year, some skiing trips, lunches and dinners with other couples and movie nights – more TV watching that is. Can you float this way to the happily ever after or do you need to do stuff together that goes above and beyond passive and relaxing, pushing and challenging yourselves together and growing stronger that way?

Can’t forget that keeping things hot in a relationship certainly requires some effort too, especially the longer you’ve been together the more extra steps it takes! So how about adding to that sacred hour of Dexter something challenging like working out together? This requires you working together on something, even if that is sculpting your muscles and toning abs – it becomes a common goal. This is a wonderful way to bond and grow stronger as a couple because it involves communication, eye contact, touching, movement, breathing, sweating together, (kind of like sex if you think about it) which leads to deeper intimacy. In addition, you support each other, motivate each other and share the sense of accomplishment over a healthy milkshake or even Bailey’s infused milkshake – you deserved it! Staying together forever requires the two people to be connected on so many levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually and this type of activity helps you stay that way.

In case he is a big gym rat for whom bodybuilding is a macho solo ritual you may want to try and drag him to a yoga class on a Saturday afternoon. Stretching, core conditioning and mind and body connection will be a nice change for him and will work entirely different muscles groups. Plus he will be watching you in tight pants in all sorts of interesting positions! And if he would rather poke his eyes out then go to yoga,(  unfortunately there is so many men like that! ) try and get him taking dance lessons. It’s a great cardio, super fun, sexy and will get you rubbing against each other, sweating, connecting and learning all at the same time. Or if all else fails, a long walk once a week or a jog or a bike ride will do! You can always find a physical activity if you only put your mind to it and maybe a little bit of creativity when it comes to persuasion!  You can try proposing this when he can’t say no to you – mother’s day, birthday, women’s day, V day work best.  Bargaining can sometimes work to:  “You are coming to salsa with me and I will give you nice long… massage after “ or something along these lines! But no whining!

Whatever your physical activity of choice may be it will be beneficial for your bond guaranteed! Keep in mind it can do a whole lot for your sex life too! After all there are many studies proving that exercising boosts your libido! (Click here to read the article “Boost Your Libido with Exercises”)  So get physical if you want to keep other things physical, frequent and hot!

Here is a list of the most popular couple’s workout activities:

-          Working out at the gym side by side – that way you are together yet each can work out at their own pace, speed and resistance level!

-          Spotting each other when doing strength training – this may require you to be strong enough to be his buddy more than his girl, so this option won’t work for everyone. Another option is he can spot you and be your trainer!

-          Doing a yoga class together on a weekend – more and more men are becoming open to yoga. Great way to stretch together, build core strength and regain mind and body balance after a stressful week.

-          Walking and/or jogging together in the park

-          Joining a spinning class – a great way to lose weight together!

-          Biking together – you can take turns exploring different routes and take breaks in coffee shops people watching.

-          Dance classes – may be hard to convince him to do this but worth a try!

Have fun and keep it sexy!


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