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Finding Motivation for Weight Loss | KamalifeTV

Finding Motivation for Weight Loss

Accepting your body and loving it is important for your happiness.You can love yourself  no matter what shape and size your are, however losing that extra weight can make you feel even happier and you can fall even deeper in love with yourself for being able to do that!

Doctors say that often the root of extra weight issues lies deep down in our mind. The solution here starts with fixing you attitude towards life and finding the right motivation to lose weight.  That’s right, motivation is key! It’s like you need to have a final destination in mind before you go and buy a plane ticket. You need to see the end result in order to get there! ‘I want to live in a big house with a pool boy, butler and a Japanese private chef, so I am going to work and make money to buy this house!”. Yes maybe that’s a bit on the outrageous side, but if having a dream helps you get up in the morning than all the power to it! Same with weight loss: “I want to look like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, so I am going to train in the gym and tone my behind for starters.”

So where to get the motivation? Here is a couple of ideas:

  1. Buy a gorgeous to die for and ridiculously expensive dress that is two sizes smaller. The dress has to be very tight and be that magnificent color that you know always looks good on you. Throw away the receipt so you just cannot change your mind and return it. Hang it in your closet and look at it every day. You know you want to wear it! You know you want everyone to see how stunning you will look in it! It will be such a waste if it just hangs in the closet forever!
  2. Find a celebrity who you really admire. It has to be somebody that you have something in common with and maybe you’ve been told you look like her. You adore her in movies, or love her voice, or her sense of impeccable style on the red carpet. Print out photos of her looking her best and look at them every day. Yes they may be a bit photo shopped, but never the less you know she is a beautiful woman and worthy of a role model status. Having somebody to look up to can be a great motivator! This advice works even better if this celebrity was once overweight and now she is fit and fabulous. If she could do it so can you!
  3. Find an old picture of yourself where you looked your absolute best. Ideally you are in a bikini or at least in a tight dress. You are happy, tanned and glowing on this photo and you love how you look. So what if this was back in the dinosaur times and before you had your three kids. It is you, isn’t it?? Print this picture and stick it on your fridge. Every time you approach a fridge and think about eating that ice cream, look at the beautiful you smiling down at you and saying: ‘That’s right, eat some more and you will never look like me!”

Motivation works best if you practice it together with visualization. Visualize yourself looking the way you want to look and meditate on it. One of the greatest benefits of meditation is that it helps you develop a sense of focus. When you are focused your dreams come true, because the universe hears you and helps you along the way. Every single person that was ever successful in anything will tell you the same thing: focus and believe and you’ll get there!

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