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How to Have Sex for Weight Loss | KamalifeTV

How to Have Sex for Weight Loss

You probably heard that having sex is a great workout. While it is true to some extent, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can skip the gym and workout in bed with your partner instead and have the same results. However, if you do have regular “active” sex your body does develop certain muscle groups which can lead to weight loss, and you may even get away with needing to do a lot less treadmill, yoga, aerobics or whatever is your workout of choice. Note however, that if you are a practitioner of lazy sex where you just lie there passively, your weight loss dreams will likely not come true: you may as well have sex 10 times a day but not lose a pound.

So how exactly should you be having sex for weight loss? The answer is simple: by constantly changing positions and putting your muscles to work! Variety of sex positions will guarantee that your whole body will be getting a workout and no muscles will be left unattended.  Going through a variety of positions in one session not only gives you a full body workout but also takes you out of the sex routine making things more interesting for both of you.

Depending on the sex positions we target different muscle groups. A woman on top targets the back, leg muscles, abs as well as your arms. A classic doggie style position trains your buttocks, arms and legs.  The most effective pose is when both partners are standing up as it involves all the muscles on your body.  If you make love in an arm chair or a couch, in a position where a woman is sitting on top of the man, again your buttocks and legs will be the focus. Even such seemingly passive position as missionary or man on top can be great for working your core, pelvic floor and buttocks if you thrust towards your partner.

If you really tune in to how you feel during the act you will see that such  lovemaking is quite  intense. Moreover, you will notice that you are more tired than usual, much more hungry and your muscles may feel that burning sensation the next day just like after your Pilates class. Active lovemaking is meant for active people, those who like to challenge themselves physically and stay fit.

Another great way to practice sex for weight loss is by doing it in the water. It is a known fact that during swimming or water exercises we lose the most calories, because of the body having to work extra hard against the water resistance. The same rule applies for having sex in the water. Just keep in mind that the water has to be clean and silicone based lubricant is a must. Jacuzzi or private swimming pools work best for such games, because natural waters such as lakes or ocean may have all sorts of bacteria in it.

Last but not least, after engaging in some active lovemaking you may want to hold off on eating a big meal right away. Yes, you will likely be starving after, same as after any intense workout, but wait a few hours before having a proper meal if you want to lose weight. It is the time after a workout that matters the most when it comes to weight loss, because that is precisely when your metabolism is the most active in breaking down the fat cells. So if you must, eat a light fruit snack or a piece of protein bar and only after some time has passed go ahead and have a proper healthy meal.

So choosing sex as your weight loss strategy can certainly be a good method and a very pleasant one too. However don’t turn love making into working on your core and toning of your bum at your lover’s expense. Keep in mind, first and foremost sex is the way to connect with your partner and express you love and passion for them.

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