Hot Mama of the Month – Debrani

So what happens to your relationship once you have a baby? Most young parents say the same thing – if before you could spend the entire Sunday in bed indulging in each other’s company, well apparently after the baby everything changes. It’s no longer about you, it’s no longer about sex and it’s no longer about looking good and staying fit. But there has got to be a way to trick this “natural progression”, which may seem inevitable at first.

So I decided to ask around and feature each month a new mom of the month who appears to be ahead of the game and find out how she does it. Introducing this month’s Hot Mama of the Month Debrani and her interview below:

Q. How long have you been in your current relationship and how old is your baby/kids?
A. I’ve been with my husband for about 12 years now. Married for 3.
My older one’s 2 and yonger one’s 8 months.

Q. What is your profession and do you work?
A. I’m in online sales and just started work after 9 months of maternity leave

Q. Are you happy with how you look? Is there before and after baby difference?
A. I would like to be more toned. Having 2 kids so close in age has definitely taken a toll on my body. I can’t get that flat stomach back.

Q. What makes you feel the sexiest? As in what kind of rituals do you have for looking and feeling good that you absolutely cannot live without?
A. Sexy lengire does the trick for me

Q. What is your motivation to make an effort to look good? Some married women/women with kids stop trying.
A. I have to feel good about myself when I look in the mirror and that’s my motivation. If mommy’s happy everyone’s happy 

Q. What is your weekly workout routine?
A. I try to workout at least 4-5 times a week. Even if I don’t have time for the gym I’ll do some excercises at home while the kids are sleeping

Q. Do you find your sexual appetite has changed after giving birth?

A. Has changed slightly. I think if exhaustion was taken out of the equation and I had more spare time…I would be back to pre-baby.

Q. How do you de-stress and get into the mood?

A. Having alone time is key. Over the weekend after the kids go to bed I make it a point to spend time with the hubby

Q.  In your opinion, what are some don’ts in a relationship that kill passion? For example, some believe that each partner must ideally have their own bathroom and what happens in there should always be a mystery.

A. Yes some things are better unknown. I always want to think of him as my handsome hunk and not what he does on the pooper. And don’t let yourself go. You have to feel good about yourself and that comes across.

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