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Hot Mama of the Month – Marina | KamalifeTV

Hot Mama of the Month – Marina

So what happens to your relationship once you have a baby? Most young parents say the same thing – if before you could spend the entire Sunday in bed indulging in each other’s company, well apparently after the baby everything changes. It’s no longer about you, it’s no longer about sex and it’s no longer about looking good and staying fit. But there has got to be a way to trick this “natural progression”, which may seem inevitable at first.

So I decided to ask around and feature each month a new mom of the month who appears to be ahead of the game and find out how she does it. Introducing this month’s Hot Mama of the Month Marina and her interview below:

Q How long have you been in your current relationship and how old is your baby/kids?

A Have been married for over a year and been together for 6 years. My daughter, Sofie, is 2 years old.

Q What is your profession and do you work?
A  I have a wonderful husband who is supporting our family while I fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher. I am currently half way through my program at teacher’s college.

Q  Are you happy with how you look? Is there before and after baby difference?
A  I am learning to love my new self as the days pass. There is definitely a huge difference to my body pre baby. Body parts just change and move in “new directions”. Since I am so busy with school and trying to keep my role as a good mother and wife, there isn’t much time to work out, or wash my hair now-a-days. As my school comes to an end I will have a little more time to continue my zumba lessons, which worked well to get me into shape for my wedding dress.

Q What makes you feel the sexiest? As in what kind of rituals do you have for looking and feeling good that you absolutely cannot live without?

A The way my husband looks at me and the compliments he gives me make me feel the sexiest. Also when i get dressed up, with nice hair and makeup it all makes me feel even sexier. Otherwise I still think of myself a sexy chicka on a regular basis.

Q What is your motivation to make an effort to look good? You are married, may as well stop trying?

I feel it is very important to keep yourself always looking good…for yourself and your husband. Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you’re dead. People still are aroused visually and I am a very visual person! Although it is the inside of the person that makes them beautfiul, sexy, handsome….I don’t work out currently, but if I get an opportunity to dance, I dance the night away. That used to be my number one method of workind out and it kept me in shape for many years. Dancing also is something that makes me feel sexy.

Q What is your weekly workout routine?
A  My weekely workout routine is lacking at the moment. It consists of running up and down the stairs, to my car, after my daughter, running errands. Sadly that’s all. But when I get some more time I LOVE zumba, pilates, latin dancing and any kind of dancing (at home in front of the mirror is the best!).

Q Do you find your sexual appetite has changed after giving birth?
A I thought it would change, but no my appetite is still the same…hungry as ever! The only problem is finding the time to “eat”.

Q How do you de-stress and get into the mood?

A Luckily or sadly for my husband I am always in the mood. Of course kissing and foreplay are always welcomed and needed.

Q What was the most pleasant surprise he ever came home to?
A He came home for lunch…lunch was ready but cold by the time he got to eat it, because i was the appetizer ;) . Then he went back to work.

Q In your opinion, what are some Don’ts in a relationship that kill passion? For example, some believe that each partner must ideally have their own bathroom and what happens in there should always be a mystery.
A My husband was front row and center for the birth of our daughter and i was afraid that it might kill a bit of passion in our relationship, after seeing all of that. But I think it depends on the person. He just loves me more because he got to experience something so magical. Other men might have fainted or been disgusted, but not my strong man. I think that every person is different. I don’t do things that might embarrass me, like bleaching my mustach (oh god I said it), that I do with the door closed and locked! He doesn’t need to see that beauty regime. The final product of his sexy wife is more than enough for him.



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