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Kama in Costa Rica

I just got back from the lovely Costa Rica. While in San Jose, I had the pleasure meeting Irene Rossi, the manager of Provocarte Pole Dance studio, who recently became one of our newly certified Kama ambassadors. She launched Kama classes in San Jose in January, getting national press coverage multiple times and even getting [...]

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Awakening Stretch

Ever feel like you woke up on the wrong foot and everything is going wrong? Sometimes the cause of that can be your attitude and blocked energy passages, where the universe with its rays of sunshine and positivity cannot simply reach you. That’s why it is important to stretch first thing in the morning and [...]

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Unlock your Hips for Bedroom Bliss

These flexibility exercises in particular help to unlock the  hips and release the tension.  These exercises are completely natural and will do your body lots of good, specifically in the bedroom. After all our hips are meant to be open, since making love and giving birth are our MOST vital functions of all. Yet, due [...]

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