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Erotic Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years to find the ever so elusive inner peace as well as reduce stress and sometimes even to help make decisions. It puts you into a focused phase of self awareness and establishes a deeper bond with your emotions, thoughts, feelings and the subconscious. The process of meditation [...]

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Unlock your Hips for Bedroom Bliss

These flexibility exercises in particular help to unlock the  hips and release the tension.  These exercises are completely natural and will do your body lots of good, specifically in the bedroom. After all our hips are meant to be open, since making love and giving birth are our MOST vital functions of all. Yet, due [...]

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KAMA Quickie Workout

Ever feel like you just don’t have time in your life for exercising? We all have busy lives, but you don’t have an excuse to not have time for this workout – as it is only 7 minutes long, yet it is very effective! If your goal is to keep your abs flat and thighs [...]

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