Something About Modern Big City Life

What do we want to teach our child?  We want to teach him that the most important thing in life is happiness, right? But how do you grow up to be a simply happy person and not a monster? A boy is born, and to become the universally perfect alpha male he must grow up and develop into a smart, confident, responsible, fearless, generous, successful, caring, and rich. But it seems that more and more the one and only pre requisite is rich.

What about us women? Like zombies we listen to what is preached to us in all media sources how to be a perfect example of an ideal woman. We need at least a penthouse appartment, a car of a prestige brand, a diamond crusted watch, designer wardrobe and Louis Vuitton luggage set, a collection of Manolo Blahnik shoes and jewelery, memberships to elite sportclubs and invites to invite only events. We are being convinced that to be perfect we need all that. But frankly, nothing is more boring than perfection and “things” only make you happy for a second.

Is this what we really want? What about true non calculated friendships, non surfaced relationships, non jaded old fashioned romance, family, children?

We stopped really listening to each other, feeling each other, looking in each others eyes, going to each others houses just to say hello, take walks in the park and hold hands, admire sunsets and rainbows, feel more joyful when the first snowflake reaches the ground then when we get a new pair of shoes, wanting to have children and a family.  Its sad, but doesn’t mean we cannot change…

Go ahead and teach your son not about Lindsay Lohan and her drug addictions and private life of the rich and famous, but about the universe, the wind and planet Earth, about grass, trees and butterflies that used to be caterpillars, about the water that can be dead or alive, lakes, ocean and the sea, about sand, books, music, poetry, true magical love, and about a silent prayer to God- so that this boy stays grounded and doesn’t lose himself down the road, but instead knows who he is deep down in his heart, holds true to his beliefs, and can tell real from fake, truth from lies, and see what is real amongst countless adds and propaganda of money, sex and lustful life. So that he can enjoy life in harmony and peace with himself even when he is all alone, and not go to the dark hole with the only wish – sex and drugs.

It is up to us to make a difference!

<3 Halyna


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