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30 Things You Should Know and Have by 30 | KamalifeTV

30 Things You Should Know and Have by 30

Recently I found an article about “30 things you should have by the age of 30″. While I personally don’t like any kind of “shoulds” I thought it was kind of fun to do my own version of it. I do think the only “should” anybody should go by is what you yourself think is right for you and not really listen to anybody else,  so feel free to disagree! But it is also a good idea to sometimes stop, think and look back at your life and see what can be changed for the better.  So here is some food for thought:

Here is what you should have by the age of 30:

1. At least one old friend who has been tested by time, who knows the real you, who was with you when it all began and with who you can reminisce together about the good old days. You’ve known each other from junior high school or university or at least you’ve been friends for longer than 5 years. New friends are good too, but a friendship that goes way back is really something special.

2. That perfect outfit that looks like it was made just for you; you know you look the best in it and guaranteed to shine in it

3. Style that is your own; by now you should really know who you are and how to express it with clothes

4.  A good quality wallet and a bag that you are not ashamed to be seen with in public

5. A box of old pictures, letters and memories that you often look at when you are feeling sentimental. Or at least a flash drive…

6. Some wild, random, fun experiences to look back at and know that you truly made the most of your carefree 20s

7. A savings account that you can always turn to and that you keep adding to every month

8. A friend who can make you laugh, who will be there to listen and who you can call at any time

9. At least one expensive and incredibly sexy lacy lingerie set

10. At least one ridiculously expensive outfit that you bought just because you felt like it

11. A sense of who you are, what you like, what you don’t like and what you want

13. Good quality make up set that you love and a moisturiser that is right for your skin

14. An exercise system that helps you stay in shape and that you love and follow regularly. If you could stay fit without extra work before, after 30 your appearance will be proportionate to how much time you invest into looking good

15. A successful career or a family, or at least be on your way to it.


Here is what you should know by the age of 30:

1. How to fall in love and not lose yourself

2. How to quit a job, break up with a boyfriend and have arguments with friends without ruining a relationship

3. Know when to fight for a relationship and when to just quit because it will never work

4. How to kiss and make love in a way that he will only want to be with you

5. Who is the prime minister or president and what is the party in power. It is never “cute” not to know basic facts about the country you live in, especially when you are no longer 21.

6. How to talk without using the word: “like”. “Like OMG, this is sooooo scrazy, he was like so totally into me”  just doesn’t sound right.

7. How to be single and happy and how to happily live alone, entertain yourself and enjoy your own company.

8. How to control your wishes and how to say “no” to yourself. Spending all your money on shoes and clothes and going into debt is a problem.

9. Know that your childhood and playing games is so yesterday and it is time to become an adult and act like one

10. Know what you can afford and how much do things cost.

11. Know that smoking, drinking and taking drugs is bad for you. It is bad for your skin, bad for your looks and bad for your health.

12. Know that sleepless party nights until morning will soon start to show on your face. How long it will be beautiful is entirely up to you.

13. How not to say sorry for things that are not your fault and how to say “no” to people

14. Know how to make the right impression when needed

15. Know why do so many people say that life only begins at 30…




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