5 Love Rules According To Freud

Zigmund Freud, who is known as the father of psychoanalysis had a thing or two to say about love. Here it is:

1. We become more brave and confident when we know that we are loved.
















2. We don’t accidentally meet people that come into our lives. We only come across those people who already live in our subconscious. In other words we attract them like a magnet.











3. Of all situations in life we are the most vulnerable when we love and we are truly unhappiest when we lose the object of our love or when they stop loving us.
















4. Why do we not fall in love with a new person every month? Because every time we have to say goodbye we would have to part with a piece of our heart.












5. Every single person has wishes that he keeps a secret from everyone, and even he himself refuses to admit having them.

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