Italy Trip and Roman Men

A few months ago I took a trip to Italy, Rome. It was partially for work – we were doing some publicity for KAMA Workout and were invited to take part in the Fitness Festival of Rome. But of course in between work you must make the most of your time there, after all you are in Rome! So I did. And the thing that impressed me most, apart from the architecture, cobble stone streets, the chathedrals and the ever so delicious pizza and pasta was italian men! But to be completely honest, it was the way they openly admire women and how in turn that makes you feel!

In North America the men are reserved and cautious, I guess the whole feminism thing in the 60s had something to do with that. Also can’t forget the corporate culture of professionalism and hiding any signs of attraction with all the sexual harassment lawsuits and all that goes along with it. We scared the men into the corner and they will walk by you on the street secretly admiring you but not making it obvious. Italian men, on the other hand, will make it VERY obvious and will scream “bella” and “ti amo” as you walk away and blow you kisses. And then to your surprise they won’t even try to get your number or take any further actions into getting you in bed. It’s like they just admire, window shop and show you how they appreciate you being a feminine attractive woman. And as a result it feels great to just walk down the streets there.

I would suggest going to Italy if you haven’t felt this way in a while and wearing high heels and a dress and just strolling the streets, easy breezy and beautifully, and paying attention to all the attention you will get. Best after divorce therpay! (not that I needed it, I am happily attached) No matter your age you will turn heads and get charged up with some love fuel! Oh and needless to mention men are dressed like they stepped off the covers of GQ and are tall dark and handsome. I was turning my head so much myself that i was in need of a neck massage along with a food rub for all that walking around in heels. I didn’t get my massage but i got pictures of some eye candy italians!













































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