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Back to Blogging and Kama!

For a while my blog, my Kama classes and training clients have been put on pause. The reason being was my pregnancy, where everything to do with fitness had to stop to avoid any risks. Plus I was sick, nauseous, tired, pre-occupied with buying a house, then decorating it, preparing for the baby etc. etc. But now that I have happily and healthily given birth to my precious baby girl and more or less adjusted to my new role as a mommy, I can get back to keeping up this blog and all things Kama and exercising. Also, since my life now revolves around my four months baby, the content of my exercise videos, articles and blog entries will probably go through a bit of a makeover as well, just like my life has; I am thinking definitely more in the mom friendly direction.

I hope I will find the time to keep it up, as life of a new mom is very different from a carefree 20 something who has tones of time on her hands to dedicate to exercising, writing, editing, travelling, making videos, teaching classes, researching and running a brand. Now things have changed, and all I do is change diapers and walk around the neighbourhood with a stroller. Sleepless nights took on a new meaning as well. No more nights out dancing with a glass of champagne, only maybe dancing with the baby in my arms to get her to sleep. But i do find the time to work out no matter what. And i even was able to almost fully get back to my pre baby body in just 3 months. So I will do my best to every now and then upload new updates, articles, exercise videos, especially focused on postpartum work.  In the meantime I wanted to leave you with a list of facts of my new mommy life.


My biggest fantasy of the moment is a full night of sleep from morning til night.

First two weeks after the baby was born I would swear I would never have child number 2. Now I am ready to have one every year, because motherly kind of love is the strongest, most overwhelming, magical feeling you will ever feel. Ok, maybe one a year is a bit of an over exaggeration, but certainly one more!

Baby brain really isn’t a myth, I’ve never been more forgetful, absentminded and uhhh dumb. Sometimes I forget the name of my own street. Your body and brain are in overdrive caring for your young, hence no energy is left for anything else, which includes using your brain for other things.

Looking put together requires some serious effort these days, which sometimes requires doing your make up with a baby on your arm. You become a queen of multitasking.

People who cough and sneeze make you paranoid as if they have some rare flesh eating disease, and you wash your hands hundred times a day like an obsessive compulsive maniac.

Random people in elevators, coffee shops and malls who grab your baby’s hands and say: “How cute! “ annoy the hell out of you. Look, but don’t touch, I don’t know you and definitely don’t know where your hands have been.

I will never touch someone’s baby prior to asking the mom if its ok. Most definitely if it is a stranger’s baby.

Desperately trying to keep up your social life and bringing your baby to parties makes others look at you funny and probably think you are completely crazy. And you probably are.

You become much more responsible and overprotective than ever before and you worry.. a lot.. And apparently this never ends.

You realize that your old self was probably a lot more fun.. Your friends also think that. And more and more the non mommy friends begin to become less and less available.

Every day is the same. Eat, sleep, feed, change, repeat.

Waking up, no matter what time becomes impossibly difficult.

Sleep deprived and caffeine free is extra hard.

There is nothing more excruciating than hearing your baby cry. Nothing.

If you are toying with an idea of having a child, right about now you may be changing your mind, aren’t ya? ;)

Breastfeeding, despite all the hardships and pain that comes with it in the beginning can actually be close to orgasmic.

When your baby smiles at you or when you watch your little angel sleep, nothing at all matters, all your cares fade away, and pure love and joy is all you feel – so it makes it all so worth it in the end! ;)

<3 <3 <3




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