Before I Became a Mom

Before I became a mom I:

-Slept as long as I wanted and never worried that I am staying up too late. There is always a chance that i may be awakened every hour and be a zombie the next day

- Never tripped on toys and never had my house look more colorful and color uncoordinated- baby stuff has taken over as much as i was fighting it

- Never wondered about the ingredients in household cleaning products and what will happen if you lick the furniture surfaces.

-Never cared or wondered about shots and whether to do them or not. (Except maybe about different kind of shots on a Friday night)

-Nobody ever barfed on me, or pooed, or chewed my clothes or tried to rip out my hair.

-Before I used to be fully in control of my life, my schedule, my brain and things like when I want to eat or take a shower. No more of that, now I have a boss!

-I never looked at eyes filled with tears and feel like i am ready to do anything at all just to make it better and not see this little person sad. ANYTHING!

- I never thought you could be THIS happy just to see somebody smile at you or laugh.

- I never watched anybody sleep, sometimes for hours, and sometimes checking if they are indeed alive and breathing.

- I never thought you could be so happy just to feed someone and that feeding somebody can make you high with love, especially when you see their big blue eyes staring at you while at it.

- I never wanted to open a bottle of champagne just to celebrate that somebody finally had  gone for number two after going days without it!

- I never missed anyone after not seeing them for as little as 5 minutes.

- I never thought that something so small can have such a huge meaning in your life.

- I never knew what its like to be one with another human being and what its like to be needed this much!

- I never thought i was capable of feeling something this deeply and this intensely and that love like this truly is possible.

With love, <3



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