Hypnotise Him To Obey You

Oh God, only in Russian internet you can find such a ridiculous product- I had to share this! I stumbled upon a website that markets a hypnosis disk, which helps you manipulate men and get them to do whatever you want! The catchy phrase on the top of the page sais: “It is time we control men and rule their minds!” and the course teaches you techniques of psychological manipulation that has been used for centuries by kung-fu masters, yogis and in special army training. You supposedly learn to get into the mind of your victim and grab onto the steering wheel of his subconscious and force him to think whatever is it that you may need from him – like to leave his younger and skinnier mistress or to buy you a Chanel bag. In simple terms, you will be able to be the one calling the shots in a relationship by using certain code words.

Going back to the subject of one of the older articles “Seduction the Russian Way”, women in Russia outnumber men by millions and they need to try really hard and get very creative when trying to keep their men. They have to revert to manipulations, witchcraft and enrolling in the “Seduction School” and this is why such products come about. Obviously whoever would buy this product  would have to be rather desperate and very naive, as I hardly doubt that this “technique” would actually work, and even if, let’s presume some poor soul would fall prey to this manipulation, why would you want to force someone to be with you? Although, on the other hand maybe I should get it and “program” him to always agree with my movie choices?

If you speak Russian you can see their page right here.

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