KAMA in New York trip

I’ve always known NYC was a one stimulating city, and having been there numerous times I was yet to discover it from a non tourist angle. So my partner and I spent a week in NYC -working this time around the clock -hosting teacher training workshops and doing pre launch media interviews -and what a stimulating week that was! I remember my last visits to NYC when I would be leisurely strolling the streets, sipping my latte, looking around in a daze and thinking where is everyone running all the time and don’t they ever stop? Well this time we were the ones running and never stopping. From cab to the gym, to the hotel, back to the gym, for a quick meeting with magazine editors, back to the hotel, army style quick shower, and back to the cab, then dinner here, drinks there, then some fashion week thing since it happens to be Fashion Week in NYC and its a crime not to go, then some really dark place with loud music and high-cheekboned skinny people, then just this one more place just because, and then sunrise and time to go to bed and wake up in 4 hours so we can do it allover again.

Although by no means am I recommending sleeping for 4 hours a day, I most definitely would not look the way I do, if that was my every day life. 8 hours sleep a day is a golden rule! But just imagine the productivity if you could sleep for 4 hours, and function well! Unfortunately I am not one of those people. I am also not one of those people who would proudly wear “I Love NY” shirts – because although I can totally adapt to it and live the fast paced New Yorker lifestyle, i still deep down prefer the sun, beach, and laid back attitudes. But that’s for the soul, now for ambition – NYC is definitely the center of it all, without a doubt. And it sure felt like it!

<3 Halyna





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