Living La Vida Lazy.. or How Not to Gain Weight on Vacation

Its so easy to get off track when it comes to your diet and fitness when you’re on vacation or travelling. At the moment, I am spending three weeks in Costa Rica and have to confess, at one point I was getting fat! And its all due to having a few too many late night dinners. Even though I still stay pretty active, as in do yoga, swim, walk around and uphill in the mountains and squeeze in an odd run here and there. Buuut the biggest discovery that I’ve made, and it wasn’t made on this trip, but long time ago, is that if you eat your dinners late you are bound to start gaining weight and getting fat. Yup, the sad fact of life… Its not just what you eat, its when you eat it too! I’ve noticed that just in one week of doing that, I’ve gained a couple of pounds right away and looked a lot more bloated in the mornings. And its not a good look when you are always in bikinis. So, the following week I stopped doing it and went back to my golden number one rule – no food 4 hours before bed and right away my weight went back to normal. So the conclusion is simple: eat late and heavy before bed and no matter what workouts you do, it will all be useless.

Here is a few additional tips on how to NOT gain weight when in vacation mode:

  • Go for dinners early. You will get more options for nice tables in restaurants and avoid eating right before bed. If you must go late, then eat something before dinner like a protein bar or a banana, or drink a few large glasses of water and order a salad when there.
  • Don’t drink alcoholic cocktails all day long – alcohol is super caloric and you will end up with a belly by the end of your trip inevitably. Have one or two a day, and go for something that is less sugary. I only drink a glass of wine in the evenings and during the day may occasionally have a mojito, most often virgin. That way I also have more energy for sporty activities.
  • Don’t just sit in the pool all day or read books. Squeeze in some walking on the sand, swim for prolonged periods of time, play tennis, go for a run at sunset or in the morning. You will feel more alive, have more energy and feel good about yourself.


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