My Blindfold Experience

Recently I spent a night out wearing a blindfold, as a sort of a sensual experiment. They say that if one of your senses is blocked the others are heightened, so I was curious if it’s true. I must say this is something everyone must try, but of course it has be done in the right environment. So as I spent half of the night out wearing a blindfold and I found out that is it true indeed. Being at a mascarade type event for this definitely helped – nobody asked any questions. Of course I wouldn’t be able to do this during the day walking down the street to a grocery store in my lululemons, but when you are at a place that is all about disguise and costumes then why not? Actually the blindfold was originally meant to be a part of my costume – as being a sexy nurse or school girl was not an option *yawn*.

As I put on my blindfold I went dancing, and danced like nobody was watching. And in my world nobody was watching because I couldn’t see them. I was able to get into the rhythm and let the music become part of me, in tune with every vibration, with every sound, I was able to connect with my body like never before. The release I received from this little dance session cannot be compared to any other form of release – it was just magical.

Throughout the night I let my boyfriend guide me.  As you can imagine, I had to rely on him fully, he had to show me the way, he was my eyes! I must say, this sort of thing can build a pretty special bond, since you have to trust him more than ever, and he is completely responsible for you.

If you want to take your blindfold experience to the next level, feel free to take it to the bedroom. He will be more than happy to show you the way, I am sure. You would be surprised how many new things he would be willing to try if you initiate it! Perhaps you are not the “dress up in a dominatrix suit with the whips, chains and the whole thing” kinda gal, ( neither am i). If  you are more of a shy and conventional type, you greeting him at the door in a latex suit holding a whip would probably freak him out, especially if that’s a “totally random not your everyday behaviour surprise for him kinda thing”. But if you ease him into this by simply adding a blindfold to your Halloween costume – it could lead to many exciting things! Halloween has passes, but there is always next year! Don’t be shy, its way more fun to daring ;)





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