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My Golden Rules for Staying Fit | KamalifeTV

My Golden Rules for Staying Fit

I always get asked what do I do and NOT do to maintain my figure. Well let’s just say like most people I gain weight rather quickly because I am not one of those lucky girls who is “born this way” and stays skinny even if she eats ice cream by buckets. Women in my family do gain weight if lot’s of eating takes place and nothing is done about it. For me this usually happens after I go a few weeks without watching my diet and skipping my workout routine, right away it shows on my hips, thighs and mid section. And since I have a petit frame, every extra pound is obvious! Thanks to the habits that I’ve developed over time my weight usually stays the same. Here is what works for me:

In winter I tend to gain extra few pounds here and there. This happens because just like everyone else I’ll get a little lazy and comfortable and indulge too much in eating. So whenever I feel that I’ve gotten a bit bigger, I make sure to do a cleanse and a two week diet to get right back to normal. During this two week period I make sure to exercise at least 4 hours per week – an hour or two every other day.

I generally don’t say NO to things, I say A LITTLE BIT! When I really want something I will have a very small portion of it, just to satisfy my taste buds. I’ll eat it very slowly, enjoying every bite but I will say NO to seconds.

When I do a 2 week cleanse or a diet I don’t follow any particular one, I just go grocery shopping and only buy healthy things planning my meals a week in advance. By healthy things I mean lots of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish and then I make soups and salads for lunch, eat a grain muffin with fresh fruit milkshake for breakfast and eat a small portion of something for dinner early, around 6-7. For dinner anything goes, as long as it’s not junk food. Right before bed I’ll have green tea with a couple of squares of chocolate or one small cookie.

I hate the gym! But sometimes I do go on the treadmill and when I am on it, I read, otherwise it is deadly boring. I will do the elliptical for 10 minutes, then run or walk fast up hill for another 10 minutes, then do the bike for another 10 minutes. This gives me my half hour of cardio – which is a must for an exercise session. Then I spend another half hour on the mat doing sculpting KAMA exercises followed by stretches.

When it is summer or spring or early warm fall I bike everywhere. I love biking with my i-pod and can go for hours exploring the city. It is also a great way to meditate and think about your life.

I dance when I am out, even if I am one of the few people dancing. I love it, it keeps me in shape and makes me feel good, so who cares what anybody else will think of you. Dance like nobody is watching, right?

I teach KAMA classes during the week – usually about 2-3 classes per week is what I always stick to. Before and after class I don’t eat for an hour.

I don’t aspire to be perfect, I embrace my curves and don’t care to be super cut and toned and look like a fitness obsessed being, because this isn’t me deep inside. Your body has to be in balance with your personality and lifestyle, otherwise there will always be a struggle. For example, I do like to indulge every now and then and will sometimes drink  lots of champagne, eat a giant carb filled meal and a cheese platter, followed by a slice of cake and then munch on gummy bears after all that. There is no way I am going to be “perfectly skinny and toned” with these habits! So I’ll take the gummy bears over perfect!

I have a very strong will. This is important in reaching all your goals without a doubt. So if I really want something I write down a to do list for each day and follow it until I get to where I want to be. It is really helpful to put your goals on paper and regularly reflect.

Most of the time I eat healthy, I would say 70% of the time. If you do the 70/30 ratio you will be a happy person during your weight loss quest. If you feel that one week you did 50/50, then do the 90/10 the week after – this is my healthy body mathematics!

My biggest secret however is the fact that I enjoy exercising. This only began when I started doing KAMA classes and KAMA sculpting exercises. Before that, exercising was more of a chore that had to be done. Music is a must, and when I have my favorite tunes playing it charges me with energy and makes me aroused and excited during each section, I am not kidding you! ;)

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