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My Postpartum Back to Self Routine | KamalifeTV

My Postpartum Back to Self Routine

I’ve been meaning to do a post about this and finally here i am. So many people say and think that once you’ve had a kid or two your life just isn’t going to be the same ever again. Neither is your body. I have to agree with the first saying, because my life has changed 180 degrees. It got more meaning, it became more enriched, but it is also a whole lot more busy. My body however is fully back to what it was. So here i wanted to make a post about my routine, my diet, fitness habits and overall lifestyle and let you in on how i manage to stay in shape, have energy and have a life. And no, I do not have a full time nanny. I am a full time mom and I love it!


My diet did not change much from what it was before I got pregnant. I eat 70 percent of the time healthy and 30 percent of the time I indulge. Actually to be more accurate, I am a foodie, and really enjoy spoiling my taste buds, so eating strictly kale, chia seeds, fat free, gluten free and flavor free food just ain’t gonna cut it for me. I’d rather be happy and with a butt than super skinny and miserable. No offence to those clean eating obsessed, health freak individuals, but that’s just not me. Never was, never will be. I love fatty yogurt, stinky caloric cheeses and can’t live a day without freshly baked delicious croissants and French pastries. I can’t go to bed unless I’ve had chocolate, and don’t drink tea unless there are cookies. What it comes down to is having a healthy relationship with food and having self control.

I’ve always been a happy medium kind of person, not an fanatic of any kind.  So if I am eating a cookie, it will be just 1 or 2, not the whole box. If I am having a drink, it will be a glass of wine or two, not the whole bottle. (Unless its a special situation, but that’s not what this post is about. ) If I am going to have pizza, it will be thin crust and I’ll only have one slice. Same goes for everything indulgent and delicious, don’t get carried away and know when to stop! Don’t get me wrong, I do eat healthy most of the day, squeezing in my fair share of salads, greens, fruits and veggies.

Other rules I follow are: eat dinner at least 3 hours before bed and eat small portions frequently throughout the day. Also forget to eat because you are too busy! That rule is new! ;)

Another point I’d like to make is about pregnancy. If you want it to be relatively easy to go back to the old you postpartum, then don’t stuff yourself with food when you are pregnant. You will be told: “Its ok, now is the time to eat, eat crap, now you can!” Don’t listen to them. If anything pregnancy is when you want to eat good nutritious food to build the healthiest baby. Not to sound like a hypocrite, I did eat my deserts, nobody could take those away from me. Just not much and not all the time! So basically if you end up with 50 extra pounds once you’re done cooking your munchkin, it will be a mission and a half to lose it all, so think before!



My exercise routine is really quite simple: walking up and down the stairs hundred times a day with a 20 pound baby, lifting a 15 pound carseat with a 20 pound baby in an out of the car, bending down and squatting about a thousand times to pick up toys, pacifier, baby, baby’s things and wipe down spit up off the floor, singing and dancing for the baby to keep her entertained, and having 2 hour daily walks with a stroller no matter the weather because that’s about the only way to put baby to sleep. I have no idea how many calories I am burning, but its gotta be in the thousands, because usually towards the end of the day I cannot move, speak or lift a finger.

I am back to my pre baby weight fully, in fact I weigh even less than I was before pregnancy. In addition to this “workout”,  I’ve been doing a basic Vinyasa Yoga routine for about 20 minutes a day every other day, plus some sculpting Kama exercises for the midsection, which still needs work, but tummy is getting fitter by the day. The stubborn belly won’t go away on its own entirely, so a specific set of exercises is required for that. I will soon share my exercises that help to get back in shape after giving birth in a video segment. When moms say they just don’t have the time for a workout, I don’t believe them. If there is a will, there is a way, that’s my opinion. Even when my baby is up, wired and needy I still creatively find a way to squeeze in some exercises, even if I have to sing and make faces at the same time. Or I’ll incorporate baby into my workouts, lifting her in the air or doing squats with her in my arms. She squeals in delight and mama gets a workout – win win for all the parties involved!


Overall lifestyle

Before I had the baby, I was warned that my life would change, and I wouldn’t see friends anymore, would completely stop going out, be constantly tired, sleep deprived and have no time for me. It may be true to some extent for some people, but I was determined to prove that you can indeed have a life, find time for fun and look put together no matter what.

First few months after my daughter was born was pretty hectic and took some getting used to. But even then I made sure to sneak out for an hour away from the baby to get a pedicure or a massage. This to me was what I needed to stay sane, because crazy and tired mother and a wife does nobody any good. It’s very easy to lose your mind and complete sense of your identity when you become a new mom. Spending hours and hours on end locked away in the walls of a house without any contact with the world will only add to your insanity, so stepping out for dinner or to see people at least once or twice a week in the evenings was also an absolute must.

All in all I managed to establish a pretty good balance between motherhood and me time. I enjoy being a full time mom so much, could never imagine having my child with a nanny or anyone else for more than 3 hours at a time. At least not now, not while she is so little, cute, precious, helpless and delicious – they grow up so fast after all! I want to be fully involved there and present for all those milestones! 70% of my time is hers. But that 30% is me time. At the moment it is all I need to feel like nothing is missing. Maybe for some this ratio is different, but it’s what works for me.


<3 Halyna


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