New Year New World

So I decided that this year Kama classes will be done naked, because that is the way we are born and that is how we are more exposed, vulnerable and connected to the magical vibes of universe. Ok kidding! Now that I got your attention I can start off by first wishing you all a very Happy New Year and may this year be better than the last! For me personally 2012 has been a year of triumphs, tears, losses, discoveries and overall very turbulent, unstable and crazy. So all I wish for 2013 is for it to be better than 2012 and I’ll be happy with that. Can’t complain too much about 2012 however, because it did end well, with a bang, even though had a very rocky start. Also, the world didn’t end in 2012 and I am quite happy about that!

Having ambitious wishes, aspirations and resolutions for the New Year is always good. But it’s also good to be humble and wish for very little and instead thank for all the good that is already there. Pause, stop and say thank you for what you have, for the loved ones that are near, for the food on your table, for the fact that you are healthy and nothing hurts, for the safe place to live because it could be much worse.

Here is my wish for us all for 2013:

I hope that this year will bring enlightenment, wisdom, peace, clarity of purpose and unity for the world. I hope we become better human beings and care a little bit more about each other, hate less and love more. I hope we become less selfish and greedy and I hope that the new era of enlightenment stops all the conflicts and purifies our hearts. I hope we become one organism and realize that the world works well only when we are all in balance together.

Much love to all! <3


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