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New Year’s Resolutions: Career and Fulfilment vs Personal Life | KamalifeTV

New Year’s Resolutions: Career and Fulfilment vs Personal Life

Having lived half of my life in one country and the other half in another (both differ immensely in values by the way) for some time now I’ve been wondering which things matter most to people these days, or simply put what are the priorities of today’s modern day 20 and 30 something city women. In particular, I was curious to see which would win: personal or professional life, as well as what are the popular New Year’s Resolutions and individual goals for 2012. So I decided to ask a bunch of my female friends on FB in their 20s and 30s about their priorities and goals for the upcoming year and the results were very interesting. See for yourself!

So the question was:

In the upcoming year please choose 5 top priorities from the list below and state them in order of importance from most important to least.

  • Find love/meet the one.
  • Move in with your boyfriend or get engaged/married
  • Break up or let go off the past relationship baggage
  • Have a baby
  • Progress at your job/finish school/take more professional courses/get more clients/customers/work projects (if self employed)
  • Start a blog/write a book/develop a clothing line/start painting or something along these lines
  • Find a way to make more money and buy more bags and shoes.
  • Find a way to make more money to travel
  • Find a way to make more money to pay for loans, bills, properties, and/or support the family
  • Find a guy who can support me and buy me things and take me on trips
  • Help your husband/boyfriend get ahead in life

My biggest personal goal/wish for 2011 is…. _______________________

So the results were as follows – see the graph below:

On professional life and self fulfilment

It is a clear winner here, do doubt about that one! I guess that was to be expected. Wanting to achieve things, get bigger pay checks, launching brands and having launch parties seems to be something on everyone’s mind. Well of course, and why not? Having social media definitely has something to do with it, since each and every day we can see what everybody in our social circle is up to and get inspired and charged with a healthy dose of competition to push you forward towards your goals! Us women, we are definitely becoming super smart, accomplished, driven and probably will soon take over the world! ;)


Now about love

Today having a partner is no longer as much a necessity as it was a couple of decades ago. We’ve learned to function well on our own and finding Mr. Right seems more of a bonus and more of “if it happens – great, and if it doesn’t – whatever”, but not so much a primary goal in its own. Some have probably already found Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now and are happy with how things are without rushing to getting engaged or married, because it seems that living together or being married is not essential for surviving and we do well on our own. Perhaps it wasn’t the most popular answer, but for most of us finding love does matter. If you have found your special someone may your love last forever!

Oh and finding a rich boyfriend to buy you stuff and take you on trips maybe is not on the top of New Year’s Resolutions list, but is surely something really nice to have and could make all those other goals so much easier to achieve!

On having a blog, clothing line, painting, writing a book or something along those lines

It was particularly interesting how important it is to find hobby or passion or way of self expression or simply put something meaningful to occupy your time with. We all need something exciting to do that we love, something that gives us satisfaction, inspires us and makes us want to get up in the morning. Not too long ago and at present time in many other countries, this time period in our lives would probably be allocated mostly to raising multiple kids, which would be a full time job on its own. Today, having kids at our most childbearing years, let’s face it by nature ideal time for “reproduction” would be sometime between getting our first period and getting our first wrinkles is a rather rare occasion.


Kids were almost not mentioned at all. Of course you need to first find the one to have the kids with, the one who will actually want them same time as you do. A lot of us think: kids will come later, probably way after 30th birthday, once all the travelling is behind and once we’ve built an empire of some kind, launched a business, wrote a book, got PHD, MD, CMA, CFA or BA and spent more than enough time self indulging. So the baby stage for most seemed to be in the hazy distant future..

Right or wrong, who knows? It’s like we made our own rules and who knows if we were actually able to trick the nature or if it will bite us in the back later on in life. I don’t know what’s right or wrong, but I do know that this world is definitely very different from the world I originally lived in. When I call that old world of mine, even to this day, the only questions I get are: “When are you getting married?” “What is wrong with you?” and “When are you having children? C’mon, get on that!”

On helping your partner get ahead

Helping your partner get ahead in his career was a popular answer among those attached ones. Again of course, you gotta have a husband or a boyfriend to begin with to help him get ahead and be the nice supporting wifey. Although even amongst the attached, helping HIM with HIS career almost never was on top 3 priorities. He’ll manage, right? Although it is kind of nice when the husband is this bigshot and is only there because of your encouragement, patience, support and charm.


Of course it is something that we all love to do so much – get on a plane and explore an unknown place, and while at it learn a thing or two about yourself. The adventures, the new experiences, the new people that come your way and beautiful facebook albums to remind you of it all certainly makes us crave more and more trips.


Top three priorities

To narrow down the priorities the top 3 for the upcoming year were as follows:

  1. Most popular number 1 priority was: career or progress at your job, etc..
  2. Most popular number 2 priority was: self fulfillment/hobby or start a blog/clothing line, etc..
  3. Most popular number 3 priority was: travel

 Other things

Some of the other interesting things on the  New Year’s Resolutions list were:

-       Moving to a LA and discovering much more about ourselves and life -  Love it! Super exciting!

-       Take better care of my health and diet, exercise more and maintain a good figure – Very important indeed! How could I leave that one out?

-       Be able to spend summers in Canada and winters in Mexico – Escaping winter is definitely something to aspire to!

-       Have the best balance of career and family and spend as much time as possible with people who care about you and who you care about the most in this world – Good one! In the end that is what really matters most!

-       To get back in shape and have the energy to do all of the above – You sure need energy to do stuff and exercising is the best way to get it!

-       Volunteer and help the children, animals and elderly – Should have added this one too! Best way to give meaning to your life is to brighten someone else’s!

-       I want to focus ON FINISHING things that I start – That sometimes can be so challenging in our world of so many distractions. We are all jacks of all trades these days, doing so many things at the same time. Learning to finish them is important however!

-       Be self sufficient and be my own boss –  Great thing to aspire to! In other words  freedom and independence.

-       I can’t wait to find that special someone (who i believe I\ve found) but in time  – Love will find you if you let it in,  i think so!

-       To work less, exercise more, eat healthier  – Balance in life!

-       My personal life is set pretty much:) My goal is to bring modeling+blog on a next better higher level – good luck! ;)

-       To climb the ladder in the Media/Journalism field – ambitious!

-       Start my own production company – also very ambitious, right on!

-       Find love and be a power couple: open up our own business, travel together, live life, etc – a popular dream, I bet!

-       Start to write a book – I’d like to do that too someday!

-       Find a way to prioritize time to spend more of it with family and friends – absolutely!

-       Make a big change, live in another country, travel, teach yoga and surf – I’d wanna learn to surf too, it looks so much fun! But probably in another life for me! Be safe! ;)

Thanks to all who took part in the survey, it was really fun to read and dissect all your answers! Happy New Year and may all your wishes, dreams and goals come to life! ;)




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