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Planet Burning Man | KamalifeTV

Planet Burning Man

Once again, this past September the planet Burning Man has lured us in.  Last year I remember looking at everything around me as if through some psychedelic 3D lens of disbelief, walking around with my eyes bugging out of my head, unable to comprehend this unfamiliar fairy tale utopian like world. How could I not? If you ever had a chance to visit this magical place, you will understand and if you haven’t you really should, because nothing on this earth compares to The Burning Man festival in Nevada. This year I felt at home and wished this world existed for more than a week, ideally forever.  Here is why:

So what is it?

How do I even begin to describe what it is??! It is a lifestyle, a utopian land, a bizarre trip into childhood like freedom of expression kind of place, the place of love, music, arts and the ultimate center of creativity, the place where people from all walks of life, of all ages and professions, from all corners of the world, all 50,000 of them unite in one sacred place on earth – pure untouched and raw – the desert. They build a magical city that exists only for one week. And for this week they abandon their inhibitions entirely, channel their creative energy, express themselves freely and live like children: friendly, open, loving and giving, without any judgement, greed or ulterior motives. And while at it, they do a whole lot of dancing and partying of course! In addition, there is no currency, you cannot buy things, and partially that aspect makes this place so magical. No commercialism, no hierarchy, no capitalism – all united in the search of happiness, love and freedom.

Why you should go?

When I first heard about this bizarre festival in the middle of the desert I was NOT into the idea of going. I do very much like the modern day comforts of hotels with cabana beds, blow dryers and moisturizers, so the idea of living in the trailer in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of high hippies ritualistically burning stuff while trying to survive sandstorms was not really something I was hyped about. But I went anyway, just to see what all the fuss is about. And oh my god, was I wrong??!! It was such a huge misconception!

From the first moment I stepped out of the trailer into the desert, I could feel the freedom all around me! Just the desert alone makes you feel so free, especially compared to the crammed and claustrophobic Toronto with all its hi rises and traffic jams. Here I could breathe, and I could walk with my eyes closed, for miles, without bumping into anything. “The hippies” were your everyday people – lawyers, doctors, actors, accountants – you name it, people that are tired of wearing the chains of the society and for one week doing what they feel like, wearing crazy costumes instead of suits, dancing and celebrating life in front of giant symbolic fires that connect and unite the people into something grand and special. No phones, no laptops, no connections to the outside world, and yet you feel more connected to each other than you ever would in a normal world. Oh, and you cannot forget the art that takes months or even years to build, the music that penetrates under your skin, and the dancing that makes you feel more alive than ever! I was instantly in love. The sandstorms only added to the magic, making you feel like you are on planet Mars and by the 3ird day you no longer need goggles and embrace the dust.

The detox for the soul

When you are here, you are pure, raw and simple and what you do is primal and instinctual, you follow your urges, you connect with other beings, with the universe, with the desert and music. You are like a child: do what you feel like, without inhibitions, because nobody judges you; and being that is the best release ever. You can scream, be naked, wear a leather bodysuit, climb sculptures, hang upside down and dance in the middle of the day. The sound frequency takes over your mind and body and the base gives you goosebumps. You exist in a different state of being and somehow it feels more right. And when you return your feel purifed and detoxed, high on life and you want to be a better you: pure, giving, kind and connected to the beautiful world around you. Here is the video we made about Burning Man! Enjoy!



Lots of love and light! <3




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