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Seduction the Russian Way | KamalifeTV

Seduction the Russian Way

The other day I stumbled upon an article in Marie Claire about a school in Russia that teaches women all sorts of tricks in catching, keeping and satisfying men. Being from the Eastern block myself the article certainly caught my eye, and while I cannot say it surprised me, it certainly made me appreciate having moved to Canada and not having to be part of the vicious female competition in the world where men are spoiled by abundance of beauties who are willing to take classes on ‘Erotic Massage”, “Oral for experts” and “How to marry in three months”. Yes god bless Canada where the ratio of men to women is more or less equal! In Russia women outnumber men by more then 10 million and many of these men are jobless and chronic alcoholics.

At first glance a school for women that offers to teach them the necessary skills and tricks in snagging a good marriage candidate, and by good we mean ideally a wealthy oligarch, may not seem like a worthy cause. However if you take into  consideration the fact that marriage market in Russia is more cutthroat then anywhere else perhaps there is something to it. Keep in mind, there is no real government protection of the divorced women and very often they get left with nothing and even lose custody of their children, so you gotta work real hard to make sure he doesn’t leave you for a younger and prettier version of you. So for the married women the school offers classes such as “How to bring back your honeymoon” where advanced sex tips are taught. The main idea behind the school is to teach women “how to gain power over men by using classic feminine and sexual wiles” sais its owner.

The article talks about a few women that are graduates of this school and how each of them found some benefits from improved dating life that came with generous gifts to saving a stale marriage by spicing things up. “The best thing I learned was never to refuse him anything in bed. It worked. Not only did he marry me but he also began lavishing me with expensive gifts. He gave me a new car and a plasma TV for my birthday”, sais one of the alumni.

Another interesting class the school offers that caught my attention was called “VUM building” (Vaginally Used Muscles building) which strengthens and tones the muscles used during sex using various equipment. “Our exercise program can dramatically improve a woman’s sexual performance,” claims  the founder of the VUM-Building course. Having gone through countless hours of research,( afterall our workout KAMA Movement TM has some parts of the workout that are down this alley) I have to agree, this kind of training can be beneficial and it has been scientifically proven!

While here in Canada and the US women don’t have to try as hard perhaps, it will never hurt to surprise him here and there so he doesn’t get any second thoughts. So while becoming a full time student at this school may be a bit much, attaining new skills and improving your qualifications could really do some wonders…

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