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Taking Care of The Body and Da Boobies | KamalifeTV

Taking Care of The Body and Da Boobies

When you are young and childless you likely don’t need to spend much time or money on your appearance. Although many still do, its usually not a necessity, but more of an indulgence, because you look good anyway. And part of the reason why you look good is because you are ..well young and childless. Pregnancy and babies do take a toll on your body, it’s no secret, and those women that manage to look great after giving birth deserve double the praise.

A flat tummy is much harder to attain for someone who carried a child or two. You will need to do at least 10 thousand crunches and planks to get it back to somewhat decent shape. Yup, its much harder to lose the weight for a mom than for 25 year old who has a few extra pounds from having a few too many late night dinners and vodka cranberries (yup, those are fattening!)  And I mean c’mon, for nine months you have a human being living in there! While this human being makes you the happiest you’ve ever been, he or she also stretches the skin on your hips and tummy, makes you pack on the pounds by demanding food and sweets at all times of the day, makes you tired and barely able to walk or move, especially towards the end of your term, butchers up your beautiful and accurate cookie making it look and feel like something ate and spit it out (at least in the first month after delivery) and sucking the life out of your titties, literally, (assuming you breastfed.) Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way and loved every bit of this use and abuse and would do it again in a heartbeat, but restoring that body of yours and making it look good takes a bit more effort these days. That’s why those mommies that somehow manage to look like they never had kids get special praise in my books. Because it’s damn near impossible!

Treating my body like some sort of sacred temple is no longer the luxury that I have. I simply don’t have the time to run around the city for tanning appointments and fitness classes, or going to the gym to stay in shape. Nor do I have time for regular blowdry or facials. But I manage to multitask and involve the baby into these activities, working out from home, doing my own nails, using a daily scrub,  taking bubble baths and going for a look that’s easy to attain, comfortable yet still chic. My highlights appointments, pedicures and massages are sacred though, and I try and keep them up no matter what.

All through pregnancy I applied olive oil twice a day to the hips, tummy and breasts and managed to almost avoid all stretch marks. I didn’t skip this routine ever, and still moisturize my skin on a daily basis before bed.

As for da boobies, those require special attention as well. While right now, since I am still breastfeeding they look great, I know I can’t do it forever. Sagging or dropping of the breasts is a natural, inevitable process that happens to all women at some point. Breasts can start drooping at any age, because they do not have muscles in them, or because the muscle doesn’t get enough attention. So here are a few things that apparently help prevent this process:

  • Tone up your pectoral muscles! Do some pushups, or if you hate them, do them against a wall. Stand a foot or so away from the wall with your feet shoulder width apart, and push your bodyweight. You can also do Chest Presses with dumbbells. Its not hard and it doesn’t take long and it keeps the muscle in check!
  • Use good posture. Standing up or sitting properly, with your shoulders back and chest out, won’t necessarily make them sag less, but it will make them seem like they do. Moreover, slouching makes you look older and unattractive.
  • Moisturise and keep your breasts smooth and silky. Exfoliate, use lotion or organic olive oil. Keep the skin healthy and nurture it properly!
  • Don’t walk around braless, especially if you are on a bigger side. Wear a firm bra that is that right size at all times, even to bed. You don’t want them flopping around and letting the gravity do even more damage.
  • Last but not least, love your body and its imperfections, because they make you who you are, they make you unique and they remind you of events in your life that left these marks.
<3 Halyna

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