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Things To Do Before Having Babies | KamalifeTV

Things To Do Before Having Babies

Based on my personal experience, here is a list of things that I came up with that you should do before you start having babies. If you are thinking about getting knocked up and starting a family but are still childless this second, perhaps its a good idea to get these things over and done with and enjoy them before the little ones take over your life! ;)

1)    Go to Burning Man, Coachella or any other cool, hip festivals with loud music, art, dancing and enjoy that free spirited feeling that comes with dancing til morning with a cocktail in your hand and not a worry in your head. Trust me, there is no such thing as feeling completely free spirited once you have a baby. He or she will ALWAYS be on your mind. Oh and you definitely don’t want to be those hippie parents that get their babies all bodypainted and dance on speakers with them in a carrier. Believe it or not, those do exist! We’ve seen them!

2)    Have lots of sex!  Once you are pregnant, turning into a baloon and getting bigger by the day, you may not feel like the sexiest thing around or your husband may be one of those guys that won’t touch you if you pay him. Some guys get all weird with you getting all maternal and sh** and stay awaaaay. Some don’t. Hopefully for you, yours is the second kind! But just in case, have lots of sex now, because once you are very pregnant or once you’ve had the baby, sex will become number 25 on your list. So do it up now!

3)    Spend money on yourself! If you aren’t already, you should be. Go and buy yourself those nice designer shoes or a bag, shop for you now! Soon you are about to find out how somebody so little can cost so much and need so many things. Before you know it, instead of hitting designer sales you will be hitting up Babies Are Us or BBBuggy on  a weekly basis and shopping for your baby will actually be more exciting than shopping for yourself.

4)    Travel somewhere far, exotic and cool! Go to Japan, go climb Machu Pichu in Peru, travel to Africa for a safari, go hiking in the Amazon – do those things now. There is no way in hell you can do that with a baby, unless your family takes extreme to the next level. But even if it does, it will be hardly fun for anyone, since you will need to bring your stroller, diapers, bassinet, toys, changepad, pacifiers, babyfood, breastpump, Sophie the giraffe, the list goes on – you will lose your mind just packing for a trip such as that! So just basically do it now!

5)    Drink a whole bottle of wine to yourself or like four margaritas – go on, get wasted since you still can! Me personally, I have not done that for over 2 years now! When pregnant or breastfeeding you cannot drink, or if you are trying for a baby you are also kind of in a careful mode, because you never know if you are pregnant, and if you are, will that drunken messy night have an effect on your unborn child that you conceived yesterday and what if he will not make it to university because of that? Ok, maybe that’s crazy a bit, but you get the point. Basically once you enter the maternal mode, a careless wine drinking night becomes somewhat of an elusive dream.

6)    Last but not least and potentially the most important one (at least to the sleep deprived zombie like me it sure feels like it at the moment!) – ENJOY YOUR FULL NIGHTS OF UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP! When you are pregnant you get up like 3-4 times to go to the washroom. Or you have pregnancy induced insomnia. And once you have a baby, just forget it! Not just you, your partner too!

So enjoy yourself right now and don’t be in any rush! Careless youthful years when you can live just for yourself are truly special and short lived. Because let’s face it, assuming you live til you are 90, 2/3irds of your life you will live for somebody else. And yes, those may be very rewarding and happy years, but never careless again!

<3 Halyna

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