Transgender at Miss Canada Finals

Year after year I find myself in the audience watching this event. Why do I keep going to watch it? Because once I myself was a part of it and it served as a stepping stone in my development as a woman I am today, plus it is an excuse to dress up, socialize and gossip! I remember when I took part in it a while back – having just moved to the city and not really knowing what is what, who is who and what this world is all about. On a whim I entered the contest with no expectations. I did well in it and got the chance to travel and take part in international pageants, wear pretty gowns and have my picture pop up in newspapers the morning after. I did learn a lot, and it has helped develop my presence, confidence and a fierce catwalk, so I do recommend taking part in it if you want to become a more refined version of yourself.  I won’t bore you with the cliché story of how it has been an amazing experience, and I saved the children and established the world peace. I’ll talk about the transgender girl who took part in the contest this year Jenna Talackova, because it is just that much more interesting!

jenna talackova

This year, first time ever in history, there was a girl who was once a boy taking part in the contest.  When I first heard about it I found it surprising that they would allow that. But then I looked her up and when I saw her photos and her videos I was blown away. She was actually way more beautiful than many females that were born a female.  Clearly her appearance meant a lot to her, since she went through ALL THAT to officially become a woman. That got me thinking, that if all women tried maybe even just ten percent as hard as she did to look beautiful there really would be no ugly women. They say ” There is no ugly women, only lazy ones ”, and I have to totally agree.  By eliminating laziness and with just a little bit of systematic effort you really could look better than you could ever imagine! Let her be an inspiration of transforming yourself, creating yourself and becoming who you want to be! If she could do it, anyone can!




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