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How to Begin 2014 the Right Way | KamalifeTV

How to Begin 2014 the Right Way

The calendar turning to January 2014 means it is time to think about all the resolutions that can be made. It means it is time to get rid of all the negative aspects of your life and replace them with positive vibrations and feelings. This time of year is usually filled with the urge to make resolutions for health and lifestyle changes and whether they stick throughout the year is up to you. There are four in particular that will have a major impact on your life in 2014.

Eat Less and Drink More… Water

For many women, as the time goes on throughout the year, it means the scale goes up in pounds every time you get on it. This is one of the easiest changes – in theory – that can be done to improve your overall quality of life. The first thing you should do to make this happen is cut out processed foods and fast food. Processed food is made to last longer on your shelves and in your pantry, but the chemicals used to make the food last is harmful for your body. For example, tomatoes are one of the healthiest pre-packaged items you could ingest, but only if it is from a jar. Canned tomatoes feature the substance bispehnol-A in the actual lining and this substance soaks into the tomatoes because of the acidity. This substance is dangerous because it has been linked to several illnesses including prostate cancer, heart disease, reproductive problems and neurological issues.

The more important aspect regarding this step is the fact that you need to drink more water. The human body is filled with biochemical reactions that are brought on by water and by being dehydrated, you can become emotionally disturbed. Drinking more water also makes you feel full, meaning you will usually eat less. To determine the exact amount of water you should drink daily, you would calculate 0.033 x your body weight in kilograms. This will give you the amount of liters you should drink each day.

Take Some Time to… Relax

Our lives are filled everyday with activities in our personal and professional lives. Whether it taking our kids to school, bringing them to after-school activities, working and then finding the time to work out, it is a never-ending quest to find a few minutes to read a book, drink a cup of coffee or just live your life. What is often neglected here is the fact that our bodies need time to relax for them to be able to maintain their optimal functionality. According to the CHEK facility, which is a internationally acclaimed and used holistic system, you should find at least 20 to 30 minutes each day to rest, whether it be passive or active rest, or complete rest. Total resting would be considered sleep, while passive rest is when your body is not active, but your mind recognizes, and active rest involves light activity. It may seem hard to find the time to do this, but instead of watching late night television shows before bed, power off the television a bit sooner and get some extra total rest.

Be More Active

If you own a gym, you love this time of year. You can get hundreds of new memberships from those looking to get more active, lose their belly fat and replace their rolls with abs. The number of members that actually make use of their gym fees dwindle as the months pass, but you should find the time and motivation to get there several times each week. The more active you are, the better you feel. In a corporate atmosphere where you are stuck behind your desk or in your cubicle eight hours each day, you probably don’t get the movement your body needs, but with at least 30 minutes each day, you can get your body in the shape it needs to be. If you take those 30 minutes and complete short, but intense workouts, your body would be better suited than you would taking it easy in the gym for an hour. If exercise is a new thing to you at this time, you will want to take it easy and not push your body too quickly.

Get Happy in Your Everyday Life

You would be surprised how much better of a person you would be if you were happier all the time. People would want to be around you more and your general aura would appear better. We all get down, depressed and angry, but it is fighting back from those emotions that will control where your life goes. You need to decide what is important to you and your life and make decisions that will have a positive impact on your life from that point. When you make poor decisions, your body will react in a negative, stressful way. Chronic levels of stress can lead to physical problems such as excess fat, anxiety, fatigue and even diarrhea. By following these four steps, you should be able to have a great start to the year and an even better rest of the year if you can stick to the plan. Happy New Year!

About the Author

Hobson Lopes is a 2012 graduate of Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Conn. He is a professional writer  who will be releasing a cookbook in January 2014 called Men Cook Too. He is also the owner of The First Pitch and can  be followed on Twitter.

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