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Tips to Get More Energy and Avoid Bloat | KamalifeTV

Simple Tips to Get More Energy and Avoid Bloat

When it comes to feeling good and being healthy sometimes you have to avert from the norm, as in be willing to take in new habits and change the way you have thought.  These are two of my favourite simple tips for more energy and less bloat.  Give them a try!

Stop Drinking With Your Meals!

Digestion is super important for health, staying slim, and mental wellbeing. Without proper digestion many discomforts can be born into the body – indigestion, heart burn, irritability, bloating, lethargy, headaches, insatiable cravings, inability to determine true hunger, and depression. Now imagine that you are doing something every single day that unknowingly is causing one or more of these symptoms! Wouldn’t you want to know what that was?

Have you thought about what you drink and how much you drink with your meals? Drinking liquids during your meal dilutes your naturally occurring digestive enzymes and stomach acids which makes it harder to breakdown food. Stomach acids are dissipated with the act of consuming liquids with solids because water is excreted faster than solids. If you are chewing adequately (creating saliva), you should be able to eat comfortably without a lot of liquids. Allow your saliva to naturally help you swallow your food. When you are eating, you want all your energy directed at breaking down food so your body can easily assimilate the nutrients and eliminate waste. When you have bad digestion – you could actually gain weight in the long run, because toxins can be built up in your digestive organs which can inhibit the body’s ability to breakdown fat, cause insatiable cravings and mess with your body’s ability to determine if you are full or not.   I took a workshop a few years ago and I think my mouth dropped when she talked about this.  There are diet products that actually have you do the opposite (fit wafers  that you eat and drink with a glass of water , and I have heard many times that drinking a big glass of water right before you eat helps curb hunger..BS..bloats you and causes discomfort!).. anyway what I was told is that not to drink 20 min prior and 20 min after. It can be difficult, but like everything once it’s habit it’s more like second nature..again it’s not something we can always help, but trying this most of the time I think you will feel the results!  Only small sips if needed.

Fast Every Single Day!

At least 12 hours from the time you eat your last meal until the time you “break” the“fast” with breakfast. Adopting this habit can be so rewarding, restorative to your health, ultimate youth and beauty! It takes at least 8 hours for your body to completely digest it’s meals from the day. If you add in another 4 hours to that time without introducing more food to digest, the body actually goes into detoxification mode and has more time to remove dead and dying cells from the body. During this “idle” time, the body also stimulates the development and regeneration of new cells. Aging occurs when we have more cells die than are being produced. Allowing your body sufficient time every single day to digest, eliminate dying cells and develop new cells is a habit that will get you closer to drinking straight out of the fountain of youth!  

This can be tough! I know I like to snack late, and my normal routine is to eat while I am home getting ready for work, doing this I don’t eat until I am at work…but it’s something I try to do and stick with. I really do feel better, and feel like my digestive system works better too.  I have even read about a 16 hour fast!  I recommend at least trying this a few times a week..as well as a weekend detox/fast that will only allow liquids for at least 3 days. I do a  liquid fast with the change of every season.  I think that it helps with the emotional ties to eating, will help break away from boredom eating, and also gets you in tune with feeling your body’s real hunger signals.  This is a great habit and sometimes we fall off, but it’s easy to start again the next day.

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