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Top 2014 Wellness Trends to Follow | KamalifeTV

Top 2014 Wellness Trends to Follow

Every new year we like to start it off well: we try to make changes, form new habits,  follow our resolutions and hope to become a better renewed version of ourselves. Being healthier than ever before is often on the priority list, and if it isn’t, well it sure should be!  This year, there are some great new trends and news to keep an eye on, as they will pose a major benefit to your health. So what are these trends?

Eat Local

Around the United States and beyond, one of the most popular trends is eating local-grown food purchased at the grocery store or farmer’s market, and even eating at farm to table restaurants. There are many positive aspects of eating locally from having less of a chance to eat contaminated foods to retaining more nutrients than they would be passed from location to location. While purchasing food items from a farmers market may be more inexpensive, it is good for the local economy and overall, will be better for your health. These food items will not have genetically modified organisms (GMO) which make fruits and vegetables look better, but lost some of its nutritional value.

Cooking Grains

As food items like quinoa exploded in 2013 to the point where they can be found in almost anything from burgers and salads to desserts, this year will likely see many other ancient grains become a common commodity in many cabinets. Ancient grains like quinoa are extremely popular for the health nuts because of their high fiber count, which is something seriously lacking in the States, and also provide other nutrients that aren’t easy to attain elsewhere. Among the other ancient grains that might make a run at quinoa’s popularity are freekah and amaranth. Freekah has double the fiber count as most other grains. Amaranth is gluten-free and contains lysine, an amino acid that is considered a protein building block, which is something that most grains don’t contain.

Watch Out For New Food Trends

Over the years, there have been hundreds of new food items introduced to the general public that were supposed to be the next amazing health-saving item. As time goes on, these products are found to be a fraud, but there are many items that can be trusted to do a lot more good than harm. One of these items is coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is low-glycemic and is an unrefined sweetener that has great health benefits and an even better taste.

The Birth Control Debate

Whenever a new birth control method is introduced, the discussion as to the positive and negative effects of that drug is discussed. The side effects of taking hormonal birth control have been widely discussed in the past 12 months, especially after being written about in magazines like Elle and Vanity Fair. Birth control is like every other drug that has its pros and cons and as 2014 continues, there will be more discussions about its side effects, positive aspects and there will likely be more conversation regarding any natural methods of the pill that can be taken to protect from unexpected pregnancy.

Wearable Training Aids

As women everywhere look for the latest technological advancements that are meant to help inspire and motivate them to work harder to achieve their ultimate goals, they need to look no further than wearable items. Many companies like Jawbone, Nike Fuelbone, Fitbit and several others have already produced widely popular items that track everything from sleeping patterns and steps to how efficient your current workout plan is. In 2014, look for these items to become even more popular and something that will be found on wrists of millions of people.

Improve Your Lighting

In the past five years, the light bulb has been something discussed more than ever before. The traditional bulbs became as close to obsolete as possible with the popularity of fluorescent growing and now, there has been some research done that has found that the lighting in your home can have a serious impact on your sleep, health and mood. There have been other studies on the matter, some of which have said artificial lighting has a negative impact on your body clock, which many consider to be the cause of certain unexplained diseases.


About The Author

 Hobson Lopes is a 2012 graduate of Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Conn. He is a professional writer  who will be releasing a cookbook in January 2014 called Men Cook Too. He is also the owner of The First Pitch and can  be followed on Twitter.

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